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High Pressure Material Filter



The second frontier of material filter

The high pressure paint sparying whether airless spray or air coat with pressure level more than 100 bar. The nozzle of this kind of spray gun is smaller than air spray gun. The nozzle bore is not more than 1 inch so the material application must be minuteness, no sediment within materrial. The high pressure material filter is designed to filter the material before deliver to spray gun (The third frontier is gun filter in each spray gun).


The high pressure feeding unit have 2 types for normal pump 40CCM - 150CCM and large pump 150CCM - 3000CCM. Therefore, the high pressure filter will be classified follow the type of pump. Please use correctly filter pump in order to prevent the damage.

Filter Structure.png

Feature of High Pressure Material Filter

  1. Easy to clean, Large product filter, easy to flush and clean, for optimum service.

  2. The product pressure up to 530 Bar.

  3. Easy to remove

  4. Standardized connection geometry for product return systems: from simple pressure relief to complex material circulation.

List of high pressure filter device

HP Filter Full Set.png

HP Material Filter

For normal hp feeding unit

HP Material Filter for normal feeding unit 40CCM - 150CCM


High pressure filters for high flow rates. To be mounted directly at the pump outlet. Equipped with big and easy to clean filter insert Type L. Completely made from stainless steel. The ball valve is used to depressurize the pump in order to prime or flush the pump directly w/o dismantling the HP hose. The ball valve can also be used to install a full circulation system, when e.g. material must be heated or circulated for other reasons.


The details of filter and component

  • HP Filter DN10 for pressure level up to 270 Bar stainless steel material part Inlet Connector M24 x 1.5 - I Outlet Connector G1/4" - A

  • HP Filter DN12 for pressure level up to 530 Bar stainless steel material part Inlet Connector M24 x 1.5 - I Outlet Connector G3/8" - A

  • Ball valve FF-1/4" for pressure level up to 530 Bar stainless steel material part Outlet Connector G1/4" - A

  • Fitting SF-MM-R3/8-M24 x 1.5 for pressure level up to 530 Bar

HP Filter 270.png

HP Material Filter

For normal HP Feeding Unit

For pressure level up to 270 Bar

Ball Valve.png

Ball Valve FF-1/4"


Fitting SF-MM-R3/8-M24 x 1.5

HP Filter Full Set (150 - 300).png

HP Material Filter

For PC HP Feeding Unit

HP Material Filter for Protec series feeding unit 150CCM - 300CCM

High pressure filter, relief combination, and fitting for connecting to Protective Coating systems.

The details of filter and component

  • HD-Filter DN12-PN530-CS kpl. High pressure filter for PC pumps, stainless steel with zinc-plated relief ball valve. With 3/8“NPS fitting for manual hose DN 10.

  • Rotating connection G3/4 assy. packed WAGNER M24 adjustment fitting for relief combination or HP filter on high-pressure pumps with G1/2“ - I outlet thread.

  • Release combination PC Relief combination with steel ball cock and G1/4“ connection for return pipe or hose, up to 530 bar

HP Filter Insert.png

High-Pressure filter inserts

High-Pressure filter inserts

Filter inserts for HP product filter (IceBreaker), filter type L with nominal pressure of 530 bar. For high-pressure product filter 2339900, the filter cartridge with 20 mesh is used as standard.

  • 100 Mesh

  • 50 Mesh

  • 20 Mesh

  • 200 Mesh

Circulation Pipe.png

Circulation Hose

Circulation Hose

Return pipes and hoses for mounting to high-pressure pump filter and relief combinations.

For circulating material back into the bucket through priming or flushing the flexible circulation hose is recommended. If depressurization only is requested the short recirculation pipe is sufficient. There have a type of pipe are following below;

  • Return pipe DN6-G1/4" - 100mm-PA Material inlet G1/4"-I Length 113 mm

  • Return hose 90 Degrees Material inlet G1/4"-I Length 1,465 mm

  • Exhaust pipe 2L/5L Material inlet G1/4"-I Length 350 mm

Short Return Hose.png

Return pipe 6 mm 

Short return-flow hose for high-pressure filters with ball cock and EvoMotion pumps. Ideal flushing or filling the pump

90 Return Hose.png

Return-flow hose with arced return tube that can be laid parallel to the suction hose in the container in connection with the material filter.

Circulation Pipe for drum cover.png

Circulation hose for drum cover

Circulation hose for drum covers


In paint supply systems it becomes often neccessary to keep either the complete system in a recirculation process or just the pump. For this purpose we offer special recirculation hoses and a special connection plug for WAGNER drum covers to savely fix the recirculation.

Circulation Pipe for drum cover with completed set

  • Circulation Hose DN6 for pressure level up to 310 bar with material inlet G1/4"-I-1.8-PA

  • Circulation Hose DN6 for pressure level up to 310 bar with material inlet G1/4"-I-2.8-PA

Component of circulation hose for drum cover

  • Pipe 400 L (2305748)

  • Pipe 800 L (2305746)

  • Feedthrough (2305727)

Example with Drum.png

Example for using with  drum cover


On the end of the circulation hoses is a 280 mm long lance which is inserted through the feedthrough (2305727) into the tank. An immersion pipe can be screwed into the 3/8“ bushing of the drum or tank lid from below, ensuring that the return flow always ends below the fluid level in the tank.


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