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Technical Data
Stand Trolley and Wall mount



The holder which make feeding pump to be properly position.

The holder must have a robust structure which support the weight of feeding pump and arrange the pump into properly position and help to manage painting room layout.

Trolley Structure.png

Feature of mounting unit

1. Reliable as the robust metal construction.

2. Stable, secure hold for attached pump.

3. Flexible and mobile thank to use of tires.

4. Secure stance thanks to stable construction.

Type of mounting unit

1. Stand

Stand 4_.png

Stand 4"

For piston pump

Stand 4" for piston pump

For small piston pump unit such as Evomotion 20-30S and Puma 28-40

Base Frame Cobra 40-25.png


For diaphragm unit

Stand for diaphragm pump

For diaphragm pump by following below code

  • 322052  for Cobra 40-10

  • 2308732 for Cobra 40-25

2. Trolley

Trolley Cobra.png

Trolley 6"

For Leopard

4 Wheel Trolley.png

Trolley 4"

For Puma

Trolley PC.png

Large Trolley

For Protec

Trolley Cobra.png

Trolley for diaphragm

For Cobra

3. Wall mount

Wall Bracket.png

Wall mount

Wall mount which be classified by each pump

  • Wall mount 9" for Jaguar and Tiger

  • Wall mount 4" for Evomotion and Puma

  • Wall mount 6" for Leopard

  • Wall mount for Cobra 40-10

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