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ROM INTERTRADE perform the business about import, sales and service for liquid application equipment more than 30 years and then we have a product which cover all type of industry application and has 3 major brands to support every group of customer. ROM revise the website for liquid application section by enhance the presentation and add more product information and separate into 3 brands. Each brand has a different advantages and there can be used together to achieve the best performance. We bring each advantage of each brand to combine into our project in pull up the full performance and provide the perfect product to customer under our "ROM" logo which mean we behind every finishing project.

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The one of biggest spraying equipment manufacturer from Germany. WAGNER is famous brand for liquid application equipment and make ROM to be well-known in industry because this brand more than 30 years ago. The significant product such electrostatic spray gun, diaphragm paint feeding unit, airless spray equipment and also complex feeding unit like 2K mixing system that many of top manufacturer in  the world select to use.

As WAGNER has a sub-brand "WALTHER PILOT" which is air spray gun manufacturer from the same country. ROM has right to sales as obtaining authorized distributing from parent company.

Liquid Application Equipment from WAGNER

  • Manual and Automatic Electrostatic Spray Gun

  • Manual and Automatic Airless Spray Gun

  • Manual and Automatic Air-Mix Spray Gun

  • Spray Equipment from WALTHER PILOT

  • Automatic Bell Atomizer

  • Feeding Unit Diaphragm Pump WAGNER ZIP52

  • Diaphragm fluid transfer pump

  • Airless Piston Feeding Unit

  • 2K Mixing System

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Number 1 in Japan and also be the famous brand in Thailand in term of high performance and robust air spray gun. It have been used for many level of industry. Especially, there also have spray gun for specific liquid material. ROM has right to sales ANEST IWATA brand since 2016 which enhance the business of spraying equipment by meeting the many type of customer such as automotive industry which require specific air spray and marking system. When use ANEST IWATA with the old brand on ROM hand, we can enter to every industry type with confident.

Liquid Application of ANEST IWATA

  • Air spray gun conclude pressure type, gravity-side cup, gravity-center cup and suction cup type.

  • Automatic air spray gun both basic type to robot type.

  • Low pressure spray gun both manual and automatic

  • Air spray gun for specific project such as internal pipe coating, ceramic coating, release agent and adhesive.

  • Marking System

  • Pressure Fluid Tank

  • Liquid Feeding Support Unit such as paint regulator, back pressure valve and paint agitator.

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The paint transferring process is not for spraying work only but Hakko has transfer hose for many kind of liquid. Especially, the industry of semi-conductor, paint and water transferring in production process, pharmacy and food industry. Hakko provide the high performance liquid transferring hose to industry that can be applied both paint spraying work or other work with full performance.

ROM bring the high performance hose from Japan to use together with WAGNER and ANEST IWATA which increase the overall equipment performance.

Liquid Transferring hose of Hakko Eightron

  • Multi-purpose fluorine hose for every type of work.

  • Pressure hose for liquid transferring in production process.

  • Liquid transferring hose for pharmacy and food.

  • Air hose for spraying work.

  • Paint hose for spraying work.

  • High performance fitting for spray gun and feeding unit.



High quality pressure tank which can be the feeding unit for spray gun and liquid transferring unit for liquid system. The stainless inner tank for pressure tank is included for every air pro unit as standard item.

Not only, pressure tank, air pro also provide the pneumatic paint agitator that it can be used manually by handling or installing with stainless paint container.

Equipment of Air Pro

  • Pressure tank for air spray method which can be used by air spray gun or electrostatic air spray gun.

  • Pneumatic Paint Agitator

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