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IPS Master Powder Coating Center

Comprehensive Powder Coating Management System IPS Master

A new dimension of system availability, productivity and user-friendliness with unique technology.


  • The IPS coating center is an innovative complete solution that achieves consistently high coating results over a much longer period of time than conventional powder center on the market

  • 4 in 1: powder preparation, feeding, dosing and color change are accommodated in a closed and fully automated system, that enables decisive improvements in the powder coating process.

Maximize your coating quality

  • State-of-the-art powder preparation

  • Constant feeding conditions with stable powder output

  • Clean working environment

Increase your productivity

  • Intelligent fresh powder system

  • Quick color change at the push of a button

  • Perfect cleaning results, independent of the color

Secure your process

  • High-performance system with low service cost

  • High degree of automation

  • Central control of all process steps


IPS Master Powder Coating Center

A revolutionary solution for your coating requirements


The integrated powder system (IPS) enables increased productivity, consistent high quality, simple operation and constantly short color change times. In combination with an automatic powder booth, powder recovery system, guns and other components, a fully automated powder coating system can be configured with the IPS. The ideal solution for long and short production runs.

1. Higher System availability

Intelligent fresh powder supply: The SMART BOXER can hold 2 powder boxes and automatically switches between the 2 boxes for a continuous powder supply. The higher autonomy prevents system downtimes due to powder shortage.

2. Documentation of powder consumption


Integrated sensors allow automatic recording of powder consumption for each coating batch. This enables optimized cost calculation and quality monitoring.


3. Control Unit EPG S2

Control Unit for automatic powder spray gun which can control 2 guns in the same time.


4. Preparation Section

Powder sieve by ultrasonic unit to fresh powder in order to make powder quality to be ready to feed

Special Feature of IPS Master Powder Coating Center


Simple Operation


The intuitive touch screen which can be easily positioned enables fast familiarization even with frequent personnel changes. The easy user guidance increases productivity.


Color change - easier than ever


Color changes at the touch of a button, fast and reproducible, lead to higher productivity. Thanks to a fully automatic cleaning process with Airblade technology and pulse cleaning, as well as selectable cleaning intensity, highest quality can be achieved.


High process reliability


The quantity of powder applied is permanently monitored by sensor. This leads to a uniformly high powder output even with powder hose lengths of up to 30 meters.


Patented smart feeding technology


The powder feeding with the aid of recovered fluid air, a container with overpressure and an electronically controlled dosing valve with monitoring sensors results in a high-performance powder feeding and dosing system. An exact powder dosage of up to 400g per gun is possible.


Less wear and service costs


The innovative addition of fresh and recovery powder without kinetic energy (soft flow feeding) enables a gentle introduction of the powder into the fluid container. This significantly reduces wear and maintenance costs.


Maximum coating quality


The IPS MASTER integrates powder preparation, feeding and dosing in a closed system which contributes to a clean working environment. State of the art powder preparation with ultrasonic sieving for fresh and recovered powder, together with a vibrated and fluidized container lead to maximum coating quality.


Control platform WAGNER System Control (WSC)


IPS is integrated into the new WAGNER control platform WSC. The modular design and functional scope of the WSC enables permanent system optimization through backups and new functions. This keeps the system up to date at all times.


Fresh powder supply with BigBag


As an alternative or in addition to the fresh powder supply via powder boxes, a separate WAGNER BigBag for standard colors can also be integrated.

Technical Data of IPS Master Powder Coating Center

IPS Spec ENG.png

Typical areas of application


The IPS coating center is ideally suited for powder coating applications with the highest demands on quality, productivity and number of color changes such as for:


  • Architectural (interior fittings, facade elements, aluminium profiles)

  • Metal furniture

  • General Industry, steel construction

  • Contract coating

Link of releated equipment for IPS Master Coating Center


EPG S2 Control Unit


Related Accessories of Preparation and Feeding

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Controlling System


Comprehensive Automatic Powder Coating System


More Details

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Company: J. WAGNER GmbH

Territory: Germany (Head Quater)



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