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Spray Equipment for Art, Craft and Hobbies Finishing

Spray Equipment for Art work

ROM hasn't sold only spray equipment for heavy duty work such as industry construction car refinish and even the D.I.Y. spray gun. ROM also has spray equipment for art work which is air brush.

IWATA Air brush from ANEST IWATA. The smallest spray equipment which have various series since beginner until professional level in art work. For example, making illustration and etc. As ANEST IWATA is the famous brand in spray equipment industry for long time, air brush from this brand provide high performance in spray pattern, also be reliable and popular in many of professional user.

What is airbrush.....?


Air brush is the smallest spray equipment for liquid painting. It spray paint out by using air spray method which is required to use with compressor to generate air pressure and atomize paint flow out. You can see the principal of air spray in below link. This link explain with overview of air spray method which cover every type of spray gun. Whatever size of spray gun, the principal are the ame but the deep deails such as spraying technique, controlling is quite different from other spray equipment.

Because the equipment size is smallest, the smallest nozzle is 0.2 mm (some series) so the precision and exactness are higher than other spray equipment type and usually use in artwork. For example, plastic model, canvas, mural painting and etc.

Using airbrush in production process

Airbrush is not only spray equipment for artwork, it can be used for large production process. In case of quality control process, it require a repainting equipment in order to repaint for some defect area. Airbrush applicate to use this work because some defect point is tiny area and can not be allowed to pass by QC protocol. Using ordinatory spray gun may not be efficicent and waste a lot of paint material and also low precise because it is not painting for whole piece work, it is repainting for tiny area.

However, using other accessories with airbrush such as compressor and some material paint must be selected to be compatible with air brush. We also have compressor information which is compatible for airbrush equipment. Using improper accessories and material paint may damage equipment and also has risk to injure user.

Example of compressor and air brush in set

Basic Structure of IWATA airbrush

The Genuine IWATA airbrush must habe quality and performance which are relied by user since beginnier until professional level. Therefore the structure and wetted part of airbrush must be following on below detail;

1. Quick-clean cup on gravity-feed models

2. Fitted lids on gravity-feed cups will not fall off

3. Auxiliary lever connected to needle-chucking guide makes assembly easy

4. Ultra-smooth taper of stainless-steel needle improves paint flow

5. Removable needle cap for extreme detail

6. Precision-machnied nozzle ans nozzle cap for finite air flow control

7. Solvent-proof PTFE needle-packing set is tapered to fit and creates less needle drag

8.Large rigid air-valve spring for better controlled on/off air response

9. Large airhose threads - no wrench needed - won't cross-thread or strip

10. Copper-coated steel needle spring to prevent corrosion

11. Durable needle-chucking guide with large needle chuck threads won't strip or break

Application work of Air Brush

High Performance can be used for art painting

Custom Painting


  • Autographic

  • T-Shirt Painting

  • Art on vinyl board

  • Special decoration on industry piecework

  • Signs

Crafts and Hobbies


  • Plastic Kit model

  • Model Railroad

  • RC Car

  • Resin Model

  • Static Scale Model

  • Taxidermy

  • Woodcarving

Small equipment can be performed more than your think


Miniture scale work is not mentioned only hobbies work, model or piece work from 3D printing. There have many kind of work that Airbrush can applicate to use. 

Art Painting


  • Airbrushing on Canvas

  • Illustration (Poster, advertising poster)

  • Mural Painting

Custom Micron Series can be used for autographic.

Eclipse series can be used for make up and special fx

Art Beauty


  • Nail Art

  • Airbrush sunless tanning (Avoid the risk of UV sunrise concept)

  • Tattoo Painting

Special FX in behind the movie scene


  • Make up actor face to be monster

  • Painting on costume

How to select airbrush to work.


Airbrush in each series can use various application but the different between in each series consist of nozzle size in each series which provide the different detail level, different of spraying performance and price in each series. User can choose airbrush following by demand to get the most suitable item. 

Basic Operation of IWATA Airbrush

As the airbrush is the smallest spray equipment. The holding and control are quite different from other spray gun type. For IWATA airbrush use dual action trigger to divide air control and paint spray. To make more understand of dual action trigger. Please see detail on below;

1. Trigger

There have 2 trigger operation are following as below;


1.1 Trigger operation 1 Air controls


A downward trigger operation controls the amount of air flow.

1.2 Trigger operation 2 Paint Flow Control

A backward trigger operation (pull) controls the amount of paint flow and spay paint out with air atomizing.

Please see the picture example on below;





Hand Position

No paint and air flow out

2. Air Connection

Air inlet fitting will be connected with air hose to deliver air pressure from compressor to airbrush. For size of air connection, please see the connection size in each series.

Push down on the trigger to control the amount of airflow

Pull the trigger towards you to control the amount of paint flow and spray paint out.

3. Preset Handle for Adjusting Spray Pattern

Adjusts for the perfect working spray width. Limits the distance the needle must travel, allowing greater control of the spray pattern.

4. Micro Air Control Valve or "MAC"

Adjusts coarse stippling spray pattern, to full atomization with a quick turn.

For the line and detailed work, it can be adjusted to create optimum airflow for maximum control of the paint flow.

Additional Information of Airbrush

Technical Data of Airbrush in each series


Provide the specification of airbrush in each series from flagship series until beginner series to let you make consideration. However, as ANEST IWATA is well-known brand for coating equipment. every series is reliable and provide the high performance for airbrush user.

Please click for more information >>>>

Compressor for Airbrush


 As the small equipment, the compressor should be selected to match with airbrush. Air compressor from IWATA which is selected to present in this website can be able to apply with every airbrush series and the advantage point of IWATA is low sound volume, avoid to noise user.

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