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Airbrush List by Series

The sequence arrangement of airbrush type

IWATA airbrush can apply to use all application type but it will be separated based on price level which is varied on performance and nozzle size. The beginner level of airbrush may be sufficient to use in some application but fine detail requirement job such as fine art, automotive graphic may require professional level to achieve the best quality work. So user can use airbrush to match with the most suitable for their job. Airbrush list in below are arranged by best quality (Custom Micron) to beginner level (NEO).


Product Description:

 This is the best airbrush of IWATA. Based on ideal of best of the best equipment. It has been created and designed for professional level who need the most precise and accuracy to control fine detail spraying. This series is the one of item that user select to use in making special FX for filming. 


Product Description:


It has been created for user who need control precise and accuracy of fine detail spraying. The thread is larger than high performance series which make more durable. Create high spraying performance as the one of top class airbrush. It just behind custom micron series only. Please see more detail in below link:


Product Description:


The classic series which has lunch into market for 50 years ago already. This is the pioneer series in airbrush industry. Provide high performance and reliable to user for a long time. Then it is developed to high performance plus. Currently, professional level still choose this series use. You can see more details in below link.


Product Description:


The versatile airbrush that it create every type of spray pattern with the same size of nozzle and needle. It can be applied to use for plastic model kit to fine art and also apply to use in beauty work such as nail painting or make up with mid range price air brush. Please see more detail in below link.


Product Description:


The regular series of IWATA which is demand for both professional level and beginner level with budget price but provide high performance nearby other series. The performance is sufficient for spraying plastic model kit and other model. Please see more detail in below link.


Product Description:


The cheapest price airbrush and built for beginner level. With the lowest price and simply use, it has been selected to try and learn how to use airbrush. With IWATA brand name, it will be the interesting item for person who find low budget airbrush but provide high performance.

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