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ANEST IWATA Automatic Air Spray Gun

For Special Liquid Material


Automatic Spray gun with special wet part

This series, the body is similar to normal automatic spray gun but the wet part, fluid path, nozzle and needle will be built from different material from normal spray gun because some liquid material can not be sprayed by normal gun so it require some special wet part such as tungsten carbide rather than stainless in order to spray ceramic coat or use other material for adhesive.


Not only spraying purpose, using special material that it guarantee the long-life use for obtain the benefit and efficient of return on investment. The special spray gun is built for liquid material are following as below;

  • Automatic Spray gun for ceramic coating

  • Automatic Spray gun for adhesive material

Sanitary workpiece which require ceramic coating

1. Automatic Spray gun for ceramic coating


Wet Part of WA-200ZP

Both fluid nozzle and tip of fluid needle are made of tungsten carbide.


Ideal for spraying abrasive fluids such as enamels, ceramic glaze, abrasives. Seat material of nozzle and needle is tungsten carbide. High abrasion resistant.

WA-200ZP สเปค อิง.png

2. Automatic Air Spray Gun for Adhesive Material




Spraying adhesive (Viscosity: around 3,000 mPas)

For car interior material, woodwork, heat insulator etc.



Able to atomize high viscosity adhesive, creating wide pattern. Stable coating with heavy flow. Reducing leak from top of nozzle and keeping high repeatability. Lineup of pressure and suction feed types.




COG Picture-1.png

Compare film thickness of adhesive between normal gun and COG series

COG Auto Gun ENG.png

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