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IWATA Automatic Spray


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ANEST IWATA Automatic Air Spray Gun

Mounted Robot Version

A Friendly design and weight with Robot

As the robot usually carry movement weight more than reciprocator, Anest Iwata provide the automatic spray gun which designed for robot. The weight are less ordinary automatic spray gun. It consist of 3 type for example, WRA-101 standard spraying work, WRA-200 large volume spraying work and LRA-200 for low pressure. The operating structures is different from other type as you can see on below;

Operating Structure of WRA series

Compact Type high performance automatic air spray guns


  1. You can change and remote control pattern width during painting by controlling center air and horn air independently, resulting in reduced overspray.

  2. You can circulate paints such as metallic paints which deposit in a short time.

  3. Compact gun body needs small installation space and can be used with automatic painting equipment including painting robot.




  1. As this automatic gun has no built-in air valve, refer to above diagram.

  2. Joints are available on the market.

Technical Data


Standard Spray


Large Size Spray


Low Pressure

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