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ANEST IWATA Automatic Spray Gun

For Specific Purpose Work

Special Automatic Spray Gun

The automatic spray gun which be built for specific purpose in order to replace the ordinary automatic spray gun which can not provide the full performance of spray. There have 2 types of specific purpose spray gun are following below;


Special Design Automatic Air Spray Gun for specific purpose

Information Summary

The special design spray which enhance the spray performance and be suitable for special workpiece. The special design consist a following below list;

  • Round Pattern Spray Gun

  • Nozzle Extension Spray gun for internal coating

  • Small flow rate spray gun

  • Mist spray gun (ECO Nozzle)


Automatic Air Spray gun for special chemical material

Information Summary

The design may similar to ordinary spray gun but the wet part and material body is different due it require for special liquid material as below;

  • Ceramic Liquid Material

  • Adhesive Material

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