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Automatic Painting System


When the surface coating, technology and art are the same content

ANEST IWATA Automatic Robot is designed to coverage all of application dimension. It is not about operating only but it have been add the art beauty into this equipment with inspiration from SWAN. The swan is the symbol of beauty in motion. This symbol is applied to use for various society. Especially, the ballet dance always refer to SWAN as the motion of delicacy.


As the delicacy, it will be applied and develop for industry application. Especially, the robot technology that it is different from other robot type. The motion is referred from SWAN motion and apply to use in surface automatic coating. However, this robot provide a lot of return on investment, timely efficiency, high performance of coating and cost controlling better than expectation.

This is the meeting of 3 different thing which build the high performance result whether operating, investment and art beauty in coating. All of these are called “ANEST IWATA SWAN Robot”.


Feature of SWAN Robot

Screen Shot 2563-10-16 at 13.22.52.png

SWAN Technology

This robot technology is built for the vehement industry competition. High performance of specification is not enough, this robot can operate with very low maintenance cost to revolve the new operating of robot that no need to pay expensive cost for maintenance cost but they can achieve the high performance of coating

Screen Shot 2563-10-16 at 13.35.36.png

Efficient for all every second of operation

The robot is designed to be streamline and provide coating without any waste. This robot include 4 axis robot with 2 guns as the standard set and also be controlled by handling device of W-turn with rotation mechanism.

Screen Shot 2563-10-16 at 13.42.40.png

Avoid the hidden waste issue

There have many problem of surface coating. Especially, the waste material consumption with nothing. New technology has an effort for solving wasting problem as much as there can. SWAN robot is built to solve many of problems are following as below;

  • Waste paint consumption

  • Waste solvent to use for cleaning

  • Waste stop of the line for color change operation

  • Waste coating time

  • Waste coating defects

  • Too much axes of the coating robot

  • Additional purchase of necessary coating device.

SWAN robot reduce the waste factor to bring down into controllable level

Screen Shot 2563-10-16 at 13.57.56.png

Suitable for small to middle size of workpiece

The most suitable workpiece for SWAN robot is small and middle size. Especially, the more complex of workpiece component which need to create the high quality of work, SWAN robot can handle this.

Operating of SWAN

Cost Controllable concerning is priority

In order to match with main purpose of SWAN robot which is reducing cost of operation, the feature of SWAN robot are following as below;

  • Control the coating process of repainting by spray with low micron whether multi layer or thin layer

  • High performance of controlling system which can be set the condition program of operating to be suitable for each workpiece with perfect performance that SWAN robot can be operated with full performance.

  • There have an explosion-proof for operating so the safety can be trusted.

Screen Shot 2563-10-16 at 14.10.37.png

Component of SWAN Robot

SWAN Dim 3.jpeg


Gun Attachment

Robot Arm

500 mm

Scotch Gun

500 mm

2,200 mm

1100 mm

Spindle Jig

Coating Table

Turn Table

Bow type 


Dimension of SWAN

SWAN Dim 1.jpeg

1,708 mm

1,600 mm

1,740 mm

R Picture.jpeg
SWAN Dim 2.jpeg

Max Traverse


2,267 mm



1,907 mm

Booth Direction

Technical Data of SWAN Robot

Coating Robot ENG.png
Double Table ENG.png

Paint Feeding System SWAN

Cylinder pump - 1.jpeg

Dimension of Feeding System for SWAN Robot

Paint Supply System for SWAN

This system concern the paint supply without waste as a priority by maintain low waste rate so it guarantee that every 1 ml of paint consumption will be feed to spray gun are efficiently consumable. You can adjust the feeding rate at 1ml and also have a cleaning system with solvent which also has a low rate of waste consumption for color changing process.

  • To control the automatic spray gun in process of re-coating in the same position which use a low micron level whether multi-layer or thin layer.

  • The high performance of controlling system which can set the condition of spray in order to match with physical of workpiece to achieve quality of spray performance.

  • This equipment is made under condition of explosion proof. You can trust both safety and investment for this system.

Screen Shot 2563-10-17 at 21.00.40.png
Cylinder Pump ENG.png

Control Panel of SWAN

Dim SWAN 4.jpeg
Control Panel ENG.png

Control Panel with application software

Control panel input the programme to operate robot with  high performance spraying work. This programme can control the cost management to reduce the waste rate to be low volume and generate the highest performance.

Using of PTP Control Programme

Teaching is operated by PTP on PC without any input of robot language.

  • Easy to make data copy and paste.

  • Easy data management because of operation on the original software.

  • Registration work component picture. Coating conditions are saved and managed with their images.

  • One group is able to have 500 data, and 21 groups are available.

  • Data capacity: 4GB flash media is included as standard accessory.

Technical Data of Scotch Gun for SWAN Robot

Scoth Gun 3.jpeg
Scoth Gun 4.jpeg

Dimension of Scotch Gun

Scoth Gun 1.jpeg

Front view of Scotch Gun

Scoth Gun 2.jpeg

Rear view of Scotch Gun

Automatic Spray Gun for SWAN Robot


The spray gun which has a weight lower than ordinary spray gun and built for SWAN robot only. The teaching assist programme will link all data from control panel, feeding unit and spray gun so SWAN robot must be operated with original accessories only in order to get full performance.

Scoth Gun ENG.png

Example of small to medium size of workpiece for SWAN Robot

Demonstration Video of SWAN Robot

Demonstration Video

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