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JAGUAR 75-150

(For Airless Spray Only)


Large Piston Pump for Corrosion Protection Coating

High-Pressure piston pump, stainless steel for airless applications only.

It is operated up to 530 Bar and 9 l/min. Very robust and ideal for heavy corrosion protection.

Processable materials

  • Water and solvent-based material

  • Hygroscopic material

  • Pre-mixed 2K material

  • Base material & catalysts

  • Abrasive material

Material-wetted parts

  • Stainless steel

  • Hard chrome

  • Tungsten carbide

  • PTFE

  • PE

Scope of delivery

  • Air Pressure Regulator

  • Grounding Cable

JAGUAR 75-150 Pump Only

Technical Data of 75-150

75-150 Tech ENG.png

Dimension of 75-150

Normal Piston Pump (35-70 - 35-150 - 75-150) Dimension Pic.png
Jaguar Wall Mount.png
75-150 DIM ENG.png

Flow Rate of 75-150

75-150 Flow Rate ENG.png

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