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The surface coating stories.

1. Surface Coating

Explain about the surface coating process (or in other words "film formation")

2. Surface Coating Layer

Explain about the surface level of each layer

3. Air Spray Method

The original spraying method. This journal will explain the operating of air spray method and applicable work.

4. Airless Spray Method

This spray technique provide pressure more than 40 bar which support reduce material paint consuming and reduce atomization rate. This journal explain the operating process of airless and applicable work.

5. AirCoat Spray Method (Air assist Airless)

This method bring the advantages of air spray method and airless spray method to combine in the same applying unit to increase more performance of spraying. This journal explain the different between airless spray and aircoat spray (air assist airless) and different in applicable work.

6. Spraying with electrostatic

How electrostatic and spraying are related? This journal give an answer and explain the benefit of electrostatic which support the spraying.

7. Spraying by high speed rotational bell atomizer

Explain the different between using with rotational bell atomizer and ordinary spray gun and show the example of spray pattern which cover more surface area.

8. Changing from liquid coating to be powder coating

Explain the different between liquid coating and powder coating and also explain the requirement of preparation for powder coating.

9. Feeding unit type

Explain the type of feeding unit up to R.O.M. has right to distributed and service. It include the explanation of driver unit in each type.

10. Why paint spraying is better than paint brushing?

This journal explain the performance of paint spray gun which has performance higher than brush. Especially, it will support D.I.Y. user to change the difficult work to be simply work and also support contractor who use paint brush to see the advantages of paint spray gun and turn to use it.

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