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Surface Layer Check LC1000

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Layer Check LC1000

The Layer Check LC1000 enables a non-contact measurement of the coating thickness of powder and liquid paint directly after application. This leads to reduced costs, optimized quality and process reliability.

Liquid Coating


Even with a liquid coating, measurements can be carried out before the material dries. This means consistent coating results, material and time savings and quality that is always second to none.

Powder Coating


With powder coating, the layer thickness can be determined in good time before the curing process and readjusted as required. This allows material savings of up to 30% and also increased productivity.

Procedure of Layer Check

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  1. Release of the thermal flash impulse

  2. Measurement of the infrared rays

  3. Determination of the cooling curve

  4. Calculation of the layer thickness based on the characteristic cooling curve.

Non-contact and non-destructive measurement

Patented technology (Advanced thermal optics) for non-contact and non-destructive layer thickness measurement at a distance of up to 50 cm from the workpiece. The measuring distance and measuring angle and vary.

Prompt corrections possible

Even with coatings that are still wet or have not yet been cured, the layer thickness can be determined and corrected if necessary.

Measurement during the coating process

For uninterrupted production, the measurement can be carried out while workpieces are moving through the coating system.

Workpieces with complex geometires

The layer check LC1000 determines the layer thickness easily, even on workpieces with crooked surfaces, on insides and edges.

Different Materials

Measurement of the layer thickness on metal, plastic, MDF, CFRP, glass and many other materials

Suitable for nealy all paints

Suitable for your specific requirements with a one-off calibration

Type of area application

  • Metal coatings, such as for the automotive and transport industry, white goods and much more

  • Plastic material

  • MDF panels

  • Corrosion Protection

  • Metal Construction


Technical Data of LC1000

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WAGNER LC1000.jpg

LC1000 Standard Type

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LC1000 Robot Type

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