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System Design for multi-component material mixing

Feeding System for multi-color application

In complicated system of feeding unit and material is required a multi-component paint. The ordinary feeding unit can not apply this kind of 2K material with full performance so WAGNER design and built the mixing system to support the application and dynamic use for different feature of material in each industry in order to make the surface coating performance in perfect result and consistent.

WAGNER 2K Mixing system in current generation develop the performance which more than 2K application, it also can be applied with 3K and 4K which is feed the material to be homogenous and same quality when it apply surface coating.

The paint which has multi-component in the same material can generate the performance of coating more than ordinary paint and film thickness is longer. But it is necessary to use high performance of mixing system to generate this 2K paint. WAGNER equipment and system can follow all requirement of this material. Especially, it is regular use in heavy industry such as automotive part factory, automotive factory and other type of heavy industry. WAGNER can handle this application without problem. 


Stand Alone unit. Twin Control Mixing System

2K Material Paint

2K are a material paints which are an combination of 2 material chemistry parts of. The word component in 2K paint determines that part 1 is paint and part 2 is hardener.

The second material itself makes the paint more viscous and hardens faster because of its catalytic effect, it has the advantage that the film will stick to the object surface better than ordinary paint and more resistant to pollution. However, those of mixing equipment are not designed to mix with 2K paint may cause problems such as hardening of the pigment in the device, causing damage.

WAGNER's 2K mixing system is basically designed to be equipped with 3 piston pumps. The two main pumps are for paint and hardener, which are referred to as A and B. Clear to identify. And  the last pumps is using for solvent feeding to circulate cleaning pump A and pump B.

Simply 2K Procedure Flow Chart


Material A



Power Supply

Air Compressor


Material B



Disposal Container

Spray Gun

1. Power supply feed electric power to mixing unit. Air compressor feed air pressure to mixing unit.

2. A represent the material paint. Feed paint to A pump in mixing unit.

3. B represent the hardener. Feed hardener to B pump in mixing unit.

4. Cleaning agent will be feed to 3rd pump for circulate cleaning.

5. Mixed 2K paint will be feed to spray gun.

6. Used cleaning agent will be disposed into disposal container.

2K Mixing by Digital system

Digital 2K mixing system is precisely and uniformly mixed throughout the work, keeping the quality of the work. Therefore, the 2K color mixing system which are offered by ROM, whether Twin Control or Flex Control Smart, uses an electronic control cabinet. Electronics are the setting and control.

Ensure that the 2K mixing system by WAGNER equipment ensures accurate and consistent dispensing.

Type of Mixing System Unit

WAGNER has 2 types of mixing system following as below;

  1. Stand Alone Unit System or Twin Control Series which the control unit and feeding unit will be mounted in the same set (within trolley). Depend on type of feeding unit and operate only 1 color through out the process of work. This is the most simply mixing unit because everything is install within 1 set and each pump will be separated for material such as A component, B component and solvent for flushing so this set include 3 feeding units.

  2. Flexible Unit System will come up with mixing main control unit only and you can find any feeding unit to install within set by yourself under the requirement of specification. WAGNER provide 2K Smart and 2K Comfort for this series. It is different from stand alone unit because this series can work with multi-color (up to 25 color in 1 system) and spend a few time for changing color and back instantly to work so it is required for manufacturer who need to use multi-2K color in production line. Only flexible unit system can handle this solution.

Flex Control Smart Real.jpeg

Flexible Unit System

Twin Control 75-150.jpg

2K Mixing Stand Alone Unit

(Included Feeding Unit)


2K Mixing Flexible Unit

(Available for any feeding unit type)

Technical Data of 2K Mixing Unit

TWIN CONTROL 2K Mixing Unit System

The stand alone 2K mixing unit which include 3 feeding units in 1 set (A = Main Material, B = Hardener and Solvent for cleaning agent) to make 2K paint and controlled by main control unit which can be input and save the mixing ratio and

Work Objective: For work which require 2K material or more and use regularly in the same ratio.

2K SMART Mixing Unit System

The smart 2K mixing unit which can handle for 5 color in the same system and changing color in production process. It is different from 2K twin control that it can use only 1 color. This flexible mixing unit can change the color within 1 minutes that it is flexible use and reduce production time in significant value. This system can use spray gun up to 2 units in the same time.

Work Objective: For requirement of 5 colors in 1 production line and up to 2 spray guns in the same operating time.

2K Comfort Mixing Unit System

2K Smart may not sufficient for some production line and 2 spray guns can not achieve the target so WAGNER provide 2K comfort for large scale of work. The size of operating is larger than 2K smart by operate with 25 colors in the same system and change color within 1 minutes so 2K comfort is more flexible than 2K smart and available for up to 4 spray guns in the same time without problem.

Work Objective: For requirement of 25 colors in 1 production line and up to 4 spray guns in the same operating time. Therefore, it is the best choice for heavy industry.

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