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WAGNER the world class liquid application equipment

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WAGNER provide the equipment solution for liquid application both manual type and automatic type for solvent-based liquid and water-based liquid. With a world-class spraying equipment which provide the reliable, durability, consistency and maximum safety for perfect quality of surface coating.

In order to match the definition of surface coating in WAGNER meaning. There have following on below;

- We bring color

- We bring protection

- We bring function

The surface coating procedure by WAGNER equipment not just the application but the quality of coating from those equipment must create the colorful surface to be high performance. Under the colorful surface, the equipment must compete the material which has an perfect ability of surface protection. In addition, the WAGNER spraying equipment provide all requirement of coating function.

Liquid Manual Applying

WAGNER spraying euipqment coverage all requirement of workpiece since large truck, tile, autoparts and machine part and etc. The manual spraying type provide the high coating technology and provide the perfect coating result and robust of equipment which can be used for ling life. The highlight product is electrostatic manual spray gun which is regular product for 30 years and manual air coat spray gun GM47000 Series and high pressure airless spray gun by Vector Pro, AG014 and Protec GM-1 which can compete with every kind of material.


Liquid Automatic Applying

Not only the high performance coating ability, the durability and robust of spray gun which make this equipment to be used for a long life following WAGNER standard, the WAGNER automatic spray gun provide the precisely spraying pattern. Especially, electrostatic spray gun, bell atomizing spray gun which provide the precise and constant of electric volume to provide the consistency of spraying performance throughout the life time. In addition, the high pressure spray gun such as GA4000AC and GA400AL which use pressure more than 100 Bar can provide the precisely spraying throughout the operating time.

Liquid Feeding Pump

Currently, feeding unit of WAGNER can use any material rather than paint. For example, stain, release agent, primer coat, adhesive and other type of liquid material whether high or low viscosity and even the high density material. WAGNER provide many type of feeding pump for every kind of material.

The feature of WAGNER feeding unit which is durability.

The pump and part is robust and the spare-part always has reserve for after sales service more than 7 years which keep consistently the performance from day 1 to final phase of pump to be the same. Simply maintenance and low-wear, the motor is built to avoid the icing matter and use low power.


2K Mixing System

As the WAGNER provide the best mixing and feeding system in order to accept all requirement of industry application, the component of system which include, mechanic part, electronics, spraying performance whether low pressure and high pressure or manual type or automatic type. WAGNER system can use with 2K to 4K material with reliable system and provide the perfect performance.

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