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DIAPHARGM Transfer Pump


Diaphragm Pump for liquid transfer


Diaphragm unit for liquid transferring is the necessary item for large painting system with the following purpose on below;


  1. To convey the material paint from a large container and transfer to another feeding unit as the position of large container and feeding unit to spray system is not suitable to connect. Therefore, it requires a liquid transfer pump to support liquid transfer among the spraying system.

  2. To make the liquid circulation in the system which makes the material to be circulating continuously. For example, the abrasive material is dry and hard quickly. It requires to use a diaphragm pump to make the material to be always circulating to avoid drying and hardening.

  3. To circulate the solvent in to flush and clean automatic spray gun in paint spraying system because this system must operate continuously in a long time so it will help the system to be operated without disruption.


Therefore, it requires the diaphragm unit which is robust and reliable to operate for many hours. It needs to select a diaphragm pump which must be suitable for material and system.

Overview of Operating

Operating of Diaphragm

This picture came from ZIP52 but all wagner diaphragm are operated in the same pattern

Structure of Diaphragm


  1. Pumped Material/Material Chamber

  2. Diaphragm

  3. Pressurized Air

  4. Steering Valve

  5. Material inlet valve (Obtain material from container)

  6. Material outlet valve (Deliver material to Spray gun)

Operating Procedure of Diaphragm


  1. Two coupled diaphragms (2) move from left to right  and back to support the pressurized air (3).

  2. Steering valve (4) bring the air to the moving double diaphragm to touch the fluid chamber (1).

  3. Material paint is delivered to the fluid chamber by contraction and expansion with air and through the material inlet valve (5) then material outlet valve (6) and end up at spray gun.

Example of Liquid Transfer

หมุนเวียนสี 1.png

Circulating to make material flow always


Using a diaphragm pump with a pressure tank. Spray gun will be connected with both pressure tank and spray gun. The Material will be flown from the pressure tank to spray gun and some remain material will be flown to diaphragm pump and then the material will be flown back to the pressure tank.

This circulation support material to avoid stale within the paint hose during spray disruption period. Without circulating pump make material paint to have material flow exist only 1 channel which is spray gun. If it is applied with abrasive material which is dry and harden quickly, paint hose and spray gun will be damaged so this solution make material flow continuously.

Example of circulating paint to make paint flow continuously

หมุนเวียนสี 2.png

Circulating Solvent Material


Diaphragm pump connects with pressure tank which contains solvent material and transfers those of solvent from the container to spray gun in order to clean inside spray gun during operating. 

Example of circulating solvent

Apply with other chemical Type



Some industry such as packing factory will use this pump to transfer adhesive liquid which is used for the packing process or chemical factory will transfer chemical liquid into the package. Some leather industry uses a transfer pump to convey lacquer. Therefore this diaphragm can use various type of industry. However, please check the chemical specification and pump technical data to ensure that it can be applied.

Unica Cover.png

UNICA Diaphragm Pump


The smallest diaphragm of the liquid transfer pump. The optimal flow rate is 8 liters per minute but it can apply to use with pressure at 27 bar.


ZIP Diaphragm pump series


The medium size and the best selling liquid transfer diaphragm pump. There have 3 types of zip. Start from the economic size provide 28 Liters/min. The standard size 52 liters/min and the largest size is 80 liters/min


PM500 Diaphragm Pump


The large size of the diaphragm pump. Provide flow rate at 80 liters/min. This pump is built for lacquer which is used in the leather factory. The operating and service maintenance is more complex than ZIP series.


ZIP182 Diaphram Pump


The largest size of diaphragm pump which provides 182 liters/min. This is the special pump that the operating and service maintenance is different from zip ordinary type. It is suitable for a project which need to feed more than 100 liters/min.

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