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Origin of Logo

First Logo

Behind the Logo

The letter of ROM came from 3 descendants of Mr. Vorapongse, by taking one letters of each call name from 3 descendants to create company name and pronounce that “R - O - M”.  

But in the year 2016, when ROM entire to the online business world. The new logo has been redesigned after the original logo has been used for the past 30 years, but this new design bring the original letter to keep image of 80’s logo but cut the middle circle point between letter to look simple and change the tone of the text, and the logo to sky blue theme, giving the brand to be looked gentle, friendly even though the surface coating business is the heavy industry, the image are usually strong and aggressive. The new ROM logo reflects the image to opposite the whole industry in order to be looked simple but huge different from other logos.

Current Logo

The meaning of Logo

Letter of ROM represent the main principle which keep us to stand in this business for 30 years. Each letter has meaning following as below;


R = Reliable and Responsibility

Customers who buy product from ROM can trust that we have a responsibility to give the perfect after sales service and is reliable to reassure customer to use product.


O = Optimal

Both products and services are provided to customers must be the best and most appropriate for every customer's need in order to make productivity and operating of customer to be the best.


M = Mindful

ROM attentive every step of the work, start from receiving goods from the manufacturer, inspect every goods before delivery, demonstrate product until service repair and Maintenance in after sales service.

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