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Manual Powder Sets include powder gun, control unit, powder injector and trolley with fluid bed plate. Everything about powder coating are packed in this set and ready to use immediately. It's suitable for mass production factory or using in re-coating after automatical coating process in case material powder grain can not attach object surface because automatic powder gun can not spray some area. (For example, stale corner or cranny part)


The primary advantage for this manual set that it's not necessary to use container. Just put down the powder material box into fluid bed plate and bring powder injector pipe to insert in box. It support to reduce material consumption expenses and no need to waste time for pour powder material into container.

However, if user need to use container. WAGNER provide 60 litre stainless steel container to use with this manual set. It's separated sale from manual set.

Basic Operating Structure of Powder Coating

Air Compressor

EPG Control Unit


1. Feed air pressure to EPG Unit

2. Feed electric power to EPG

3. Feed air pressure to injector

Air Pressure

Electric Power

Powder Material

Power Supply

4. Control unit feed electric power and air pressure to spray gun 

5. Injector drain powder from box

6. Feed powder material to spray gun

Powder Spray Gun

Powder box

Manual Powder Set, Accessories and Spare Part

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Manual Powder Set

We introduce 2 types of the manual set which are set with 60-liter hopper and set with direct feeding from powder box. Customer can consider choosing the most optimize powder manual set for their requirement.


Main Equipment

Information of PEM-X1 Spray Gun, Prima Sprint X Control unit and powder injector are rearranged and represented with more details which include the dimension and enhance technical data to show clearly the advantages of equipment


Accessories and Part

New illustrator of accessories which shows clearly and also include wear part which needs to change in usual maintenance service to ensure that customer can buy correctly the genuine part.


Manual Powder Booth

Powder booth for manual powder set which includes small size for the small workshop or powder manual booth for being installed as part of the whole powder coating system.

Example of using powder manual set
Example of using powder manual set and position of powder set in painting area.
Example of using powder manual set in large painting booth.

Demonstration Video Link

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Company: J. Wagner GmbH

Territory: Germany (Headquarter)


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