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Marking Block for Dot Matrix Letter

The spray gun mounting block


Marking block with 7 spray guns and ports for (L to R) control air, atomizing air, marking material, and cleaning agent.

Example of Assembly 7 Marking spray gun by Marking block

Example of Dot Matrix Marking by 7 marking spray gun

The position of marking spray point of each spray gun which can be adjusted individual spray gun. However, there also have stepper which control the moving of conveyor belt for place precisely the position of workpiece.



WALTHER PILOT marking block systems can be used for a variety of functions including:


  • Marking ingots, strips, plates, pipes, profiles, coils, containers, etc.

  • Color Coding

Also, in contrast to other identification systems, these can be used to apply heat-proof paints.



The individual spray guns can be quickly and easily removed from the block for cleaning or maintenance work.



  • Characters can be between 40 and 200 mm in height. The size of the dots can be adjusted.

  • Maximum lettering speed is 54 meters per minute.

  • Blocks with flushing features are available for easy cleaning or for systems spraying quick-drying material or longer interruptions between marking cycles.

  • Marking blocks can be fitted with any desired number of spray guns.

Example of Marking block operating example

  • From operating system example, the main control is operated by computer (4) which control both operating of spray gun in marking block and also input data into stepper (3) for control the moving of conveyor belt (2).

  • For marking block on above picture, the left plate is assigned to operate the control spray gun by pneumatic system which obtain the air pressure from 2 air hose. Control Air hose (7) control the spray gun operating. Atomizing air hose (8) activate to turn on/off spray gun. Right plate is assigned to deliver material to spray gun. Material hose (5) feed paint to spray and cleaning agent hose (6) feed cleaning liquid such as solvent and etc to maintain the spray performance through out the process.

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