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Automated Dot Matrix Marking


The good marking system equipment must have fast working operation feature and precise feature in order to make project to be perfect performance.

WALTHER PILOT dot matrix and marking block systems are designed for operation in combination with an appropriate control CPU. They will apply the relevant alphanumeric identification codes in continuous operation onto your strips, panels, pipes, tubes, coils and etc.


As the precise performance feature combine with fast working feature, it make this equipment to be appropriate for quick paint injection and provide the constant spray pattern to provide the good performance work throughout the operation session in high speed working rates.


Character heights can range between 30 mm and 200 mm, with the dot size and paint application thickness individually adjustable at each gun.


Our dot marking systems also allow for the application of heat-resistant paints, unlike many other identification systems.

Several Uses for multiple industries


  • Work orientation marking - i.e. marking where a pipe is to be bent or where a weld run is located

  • Workpiece defect marking - where an automatic system detects and triggers the gun exactly where the defect is located

  • Sealing of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) - surfaces with protective varnish

  • Application of locking cement

  • Metered addition of hardeners and adhesive compounds

  • Color coding of steel bars with lines or dots

Example of Sealing surface on PCB

Example of create letter on workpiece

Example of marking on workpiece

Example of workpiece

Overview of GA 9010 for marking spray system


Pilot GA9010

Paint and Liquid Injection for Marking


Sharp-edge marking are possible with the pilot GA9010 Marking. Thanks to the extremely short switching times (open, spray, close), it is ideal for use in production processes with short cycle times. Specially designed flushing devices and a robust construction ensure that the PILOT GA9010 Marking delivers smooth production processes even under the most difficult conditions.

Scope of delivery of GA9010

  • Include 2 air fitting for air atomizing and air control for open/close operating

  • Paint Inlet Connector include fitting G1/8" and provide paint channel of circulation system.

  • Nozzle and Aircap will be included and marking gun set but it is required to choose nozzle size by customer. (See more details in nozzle table)

Dimension of GA 9010

GA9010 Dimension - 1.png

GA9010 - Side View

GA9010 Dimension - 2.png
GA9010 Dimension - 3.png

GA9010 - Front View


  • Length size is determined by MM unit.

GA9010 - Top View

Technical Data of GA 9010

GA9010 Spec ENG.png

Position of paint inlet and air inlet connecting installation of GA 9010






Side view of GA 9010 with Position


  • A: Paint Inlet position for paint hose 4 x 6 mm is the main paint channel which connect directly to feeding unit or paint regulator and low pressure flow control valve)

  • B: Optional Paint outlet channel in case of using with circulation system that delivery paint back to starting point at feeding unit. In addition, the circulation system may has the back pressure valve which is located before feeding unit.

  • C: Air Inlet Connector for Air Atomizing which require air hose OD. 6 MM

  • D: Air Inlet  Connector for control air which require air hose OD. 4 mm.




Air Fitting Connection Picture

GA9010 Application Picture - 2.png

From picture example, this is the full installation that all paint connection (include circulation hose) connect to GA 9010. The paint channel for circulation provide 2 side of marking gun that end user may choose the proper size to support their marking system and installation procedure.

Technical Data for Air Consumption of GA 9010

GA 9010 Air Consumption Spec ENG.png

Explanation for air consumption

  • The capacity of air consumption which feed by compressor to marking gun will be vary on pressure level which is shown in air consumption table that GA 9010 use air pressure maximum at 6 bar.

Technical Data of Nozzle for GA 9010

GA 9010 Nozzle and Air Cap Spec ENG.png

Example of marking gun working procedure

Working Procedure


Example of marking spray gun operating by using with diaphragm pump and pressure tank.

Marking Block System


Supporting block to install with marking spray gun to create dot-matrix letter.

Demonstration Video and link to original information


Please click left icon to see demonstration video of GA 9010 operating from Youtube in Walther Pilot channel


Please click left icon to see demonstration video of line marking on surface from Youtube in Walther Pilot Channel


Please click left icon for installation and full operating of GA 9010 demonstration video from Youtube in Walther Pilot Channel


Please click left icon to see the original information from Walther Pilot

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