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Metallic Powder Nozzle F5

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F5 Powder Nozzle for Metallic

The new F5 metallic nozzles of WAGNER for manual and automatic guns enable a significant quality increase in the use of difficult effect and metallic powder coatings.

F5 nozzle for Metallic Powder Coating


The new nozzles were specially developed for the WAGNER PEM-X1 manual gun and PEA-C4 automatic gun. Their special internal geometry prevents powder deposits on the inside of the nozzle when using highly pigmented metallic paints in a wide variety of areas, such as metal furniture, household appliances, motorcycles or in the automotive industry.


  • Less rework by avoiding powder deposits

  • High application efficiency, optimized electrodeposition and uniform powder cloud

  • เFast and reliable color change thanks to low effort for cleaning the guns


Significant productivity increase


The nozzles minimize powder deposits and thus increase the surface quality. This also leads to considerable savings due to a reduced reject rate or rework, and thus contributes to a sustainable production process.

Example of attachment on powder gun

X-nozzles for the coating of complex workpiece shapes

In addition to the flat jet nozzle, X-design nozzles (with crossed slot) are available especially for coating hard-to-reach areas on the workpiece. They can be used for robot applications as well as for manual re-coating. There are variants especially for metallic applications (F5-X nozzle) and conventional powder coatings (X nozzle).

Your advantages of the X-nozzles:

  • Simple motion sequences for the coating of complex geometries

  • Always optimal alignment to difficult corners and edges

  • Short coating time and high efficiency

Flexible application

The X1 F5 nozzle, 5 cm longer than the standard nozzle can also be used as a short nozzle extension, which is extremely practical when coating smaller cabinets for example.

C4 F1-X.png

X Nozzle C4 F1-X

X1 F5-X.png

X Nozzle X1 F5-X

C4 F5-X.png

X Nozzle C4 F5-X

Flow simulations for a comparison of powder deposits


Conventional nozzles


Powder deposits are clearly visible on the wedge on the inside of the nozzle.


New F5 nozzles


The CFD simulation shows a significant reduction in powder deposits

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