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2K Smart Mixing System

2K Mixing Control System for 5 colors

The mixing and dosing unit WAGNER 2K Smart, optionally with contactless flow measurement, can be used for any application where multi-color 2K or 3K paints are processed.

Replacing the mixing and dosing unit WAGNER flexControl Smart, the WAGNER 2K Smart can be used to process a wide range of workpieces from all kinds of application segments.

  • Consistent mixing ratios - you can choose the ideal flow measurement system for each material and application: Gear flow meter, Coriolis flow meter or WAGNER stroke sensor (indirect flow measurement without material contact, ideal for abrasive materials)

  • Homogeneous coating results - with WAGNER AIS (Adaptive Injection System) which adapts the injection of the hardener automatically to changing material flow rates

  • High process reliability by trouble-free - addition of a third component - no manual mixing effort thanks to automatic dilution and adjustment of the mixing ratio

Maximum Efficiency and performance.jpg

The adaptive injection system which is the significant component of flexible mixing unit system

Main Control Unit

  • Constant material thickness - The flow rate is adjusted by a material flow regulator (closed-loop flow control). Ideal for applications where a simple regulation of the material flow is sufficient.

  • High flexibility - The unit can be configured to specific customer requirements.It is delivered fully assembled and ready to be connected.

  • Applications with acid-hardening paint systems - Possibility for configuration for acid-hardening paint systems. For this specific application, all material wetted parts in the hardener section are made from high-grade stainless steel.

  • Easy integration into automated paint systemsConnection via gateway to a fieldbus system for information exchange with a robot or higher control level. The 2K Smart unit can be equipped with a Profibus connection (The digital measurement device which use multi-communication channel in the same dual line between host system and communication channel) for information exchange with a robot or higher control level. The 2K Smart unit can be equipped with a Profibus connection (Master/Slave Connection type, Master is the main control unit and slave is the data receiver unit which receive data from master).Further systems are available on demand.

Basic Structure of 2K Smart System

4 Mains Control Button

2K Smart C.png

Touch screen Display has menu for setting recipe and system configurator.

USB Connection for data upload and dowload

High performance valves enable use with up to five paints and  two hardeners.

The valve controller for the parallel use of two independent guns.

Mounting Trolley support the simply moving and guarantee the robust  material and long life use.

Operating Control Section

Fluid Section

Smart System Control
2K Smart C.png

Simple Main Control Button

Four buttons for the painter consist of “start”, “stop”, “flush” and “change a recipe” then just operate.

Independent Cleaning

The gun distributor valve is enable to use with 2 guns. A gun can be cleaned while the other remains operate in the same time for flexibility using.

Touch Screen

Adjust the parameter, mixing recipes with a touch screen that facilitates the operator.

Simply Maintenance

Due to the open all components layout. Filters can be changed with very little assembly work.

Monitoring and Transfer Data

Enable to save mixing recipe, length of use and consumption materials in order to evaluate and conclude operation. It can be transferred with a USB flash drive for save and evaluate on PC desktop.

High Voltage Release

For higher security, a relay dependably controls the communication with electrostatic with an automatic release of the high voltage.

Maximum Efficiency and performance

The extension options allows the use of up to five paints and two hardeners.

Applicable with Robot

Flex Control smart will applicate with robot by transmit data to the robot such as operational readiness alarm signals and etc.

Optimal Pressure

Compatible with low pressure applications because there is no pressure loss due to special low pressure valves.

3K Component Mixing System

There is also a WAGNER 2K Smart Smart 3 component mixing system.

Adaptive Injection System

B (Hardener) Injection without regulation of the dispensing system's stroke

Equipment provide precisely the dispensing.

Adaptive Injection System or “AIA” is the system which fully automatically controls the dispensing valves stroke. The injection of hardener or “B” components are injected by AIS which has a soft rhythms stroke and almost without interruptions. It make B component to be injected with homogeneous material.


In case of changing in material deliver flow rate, recipe and different number of guns. The dispensing system will adapt automatically to find the optimal mixing ratio.


AIS support to feed precisely material and keep continuously coating quality.

B (Hardener) injection with AIS

2 Measurement System

Flow Stroke Measurement

2K Smart provide 2 stroke measurements which consist of direct material flow measurement and indirect material flow measurement. The direct material flow measurement include standard gear flow meter for normal condition material and colioris gear flow; the new type of direct material flow measurement which built for abrasive material.  For indirect measurement, it guarantees the accuracy of measurement, low discrepancy rate and suitable for using with high density material which make sensors to be quick wearing.

Gear Flow Meter

Gear Flow Meter


  • Direct measurement in material flow - suitable for non-abrasive materials.

  • Fast Reaction time.

  • Can be used for ring paint supply systems.

  • A measuring system for up to 5 paints

Coriolis Flow.png

Colioris Gear Flow


  • Direct Flow Measurement for Abrasive Material

  • Robust design and wet part is more durable than standard type in order to measure the abrasive material

  • The other feature and operation is the same as standard gear flow measurement.

Operating Position


  1. A Pump feed material to flex control smart system.

  2. B Pump feed hardener to flex control smart system.

  3. A Component (Material) flow pass through a gear flow meter.

  4. B Component (Hardener) flow pass through a gear flow meter.

  5. Gear flow meter measure the flow of mixing material and transmit data to control cabinet.

  6. Control cabinet obtain and process data.

Stroke Sensor Meter (Indirect Flow Measurement)

WAGNER Stroke Sensor


  • Indirect flow measurement without material contact.

  • No wear when using abrasive materials.

  • No risk of incorrect measurements with low-viscosity material.

  • High dosing accuracy with frequent opening and closing of the gun(s).

Operating Position


  1. A Pump feed material to flex control smart system.

  2. B Pump feed hardener to flex control smart system.

  3. Stroke sensor attach on piston pump measure the flow of material and hardener with magnetic to check the movement of piston in pump.

  4. Stroke sensor transmit data to control cabinet. Due the stroke sensor are installed outside pump. Therefore, it will not contact material and no faster wearing.

  5. Control cabinet obtain and process data.

Technical Data of 2K Smart
2K Smart ENG.png
Operation via touch screen
2K Smart Screen 1.png
2K Smart Screen 2.png

Operation Screen of 2K Smart

The color touch display of the WAGNER 2K Smart offers a simply structured menu for setting recipes and system configurations - for time-saving communication between user and device.

The comprehensive 2K Mixing System the WAGNER 2K Smart C
2K-SMART C.png

2K Smart with full package of feeding system







Ready for immediate use: The 2K Smart C is a complete, individually configurable solution for the ready-to-spray preparation of multi-component paints.

The ready-to-connect complete system WAGNER 2K Smart C is delivered with pre-installed paint supply (fully documented, with CE declaration) and offers an „all-round carefree package“ for the process steps of preparing, feeding and mixing in liquid paint coating.

Position of equipment in 2K Smart C

  1. 2K Smart System (Control center of system)

  2. Equipment rack with trolley frame for movement

  3. Diaphragm Feeding Unit (Can be changed for other type of feeding unit) 

  4. Hardener or B feeding section

  5. Adaptive Injection System (AIS)

  6. Material Container

  • Individual Configuration

  • Fast installation and commissioning

  • High mixing accuracy and perfect surfaces

Feature of 2K Smart C

Individual configuration

Depending on the application, the system can be easily and individually adapted, e.g. by varying the suction system or material containers.

Ready-to-use scope of delivery

All material and air hoses are already installed, as well as accessories such as agitators, material containers or suction systems. The pumps are already assigned in the 2K control system.

Fast installation & commissioning

The system can be put into operation within one day in just a few steps. The effort is reduced to connecting the central air supply, first flushing and creating the recipes.

Practical handling

The 2K Smart C is delivered on a robust, maneuverable rack (incl. drip tray), which is available in different sizes depending on the number of integrated pumps chosen. Depending on the requirements for explosion protection, the control can be integrated separately or directly on the rack.

WAGNER Cage Filter.png

WAGNER cage filter with drip pan

Drip Tray.png

Drip Tray

Technical Data of 2K Smart C
2K Smart C - ENG.png

Product Demonstration Video from Manufacturer


Please click left icon to see the video presentation of "AIS" from WAGNER Youtube channel


Please click left icon to see the original information of 2K Smart from WAGNER

Proven advantages of the 2K Smart standard system

  • Suitable for almost all coating applications with 2K/3K materials

  • • Homogeneous coating results thanks to patented

  • WAGNER AIS dosing system which adapts the hardener

  • injection to suit different material flow rates

  • • High mixing accuracy by choice of the suitable

  • flow measurement system (gear flow meter for

  • double diaphragm pumps, WAGNER stroke sensor

  • for piston pumps)

  • • Fast recipe & color change, durable components,

  • high cost-effectiveness

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