RS 500 Paint Resistance Meter



Paint Resistance Meter


Currently, many of paint material in each industry factor has a suitable rate of paint resistant for electrostatic spray gun but some of them still need a tool for checing the paint resistant. This equipment measure the paint resistant rate with accurately value and panel screen for present the resistant rate.

This is the recommend equipment for paint manufacturer whether solvent-based paint or water based paint or ordinary user which need to check by themselves.

Component of Paint Resistant Meter WAGNER RS 500

RS 500.png






List of Component for Paint Resistant Meter

  1. Display scale by 3 level of resistant rate

  2. Potentiometer for zero calibrate

  3. Measuring Probe Connection

  4. Rotary switch for functions

  5. Measuring Probe

Technical Data of WAGNER RS 500

RS 500 ENG.png

Dimension of Paint Resistant Meter

Display Scale of WAGNER RS 500

List of Rate in display scale

  1. Display showing resistance value figures (From highest scale: mOhm to lowest scale: kOhm)

  2. Display showing resistance value ranges (Green color present the optimal resistant rate)

  3. Battery Test (When switch on battery test mode only)

  4. Needle position of zero calibrate

Paint resistance range

  • < 50 kOhm resistance value too low

  • 50 kOhm - 150 kOhm material suitable for coating

  • 150 kOhm - 1 mOhm Optimum resistance value

  • > 1 mOhm Material suitable for coating





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