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Accessories - Feeding to Spray Gun Section

Hicoat Injector.jpg

1. Powder Injecotr: HiCoat-ED


Special Powder Injector which enhances the feeding performance more than PI-F1. This is the optional choice for the customer who needs perfectibility.

Feature of HiCoat-ED System


  • Feed system for supplying powder to powder guns with little air according to the Venturi principle

  • Supplies powder using little air

  • More even coating thickness

  • Efficient material utilization

  • Better Coating coverage in depressions

  • Higher coating speed

  • No pulsing of powder cloud

  • Higher transfer efficiency

HiCoat-ED Spec ENG.png
Normal Powder Injector.jpg

2. Powder Injector: PI-F1


The standard powder injector which is included in normal powder manual set and automatic set. Normally, the performance of PI-F1 is sufficient for the ordinary powder coating system. Therefore, HiCoat-ED type is the optional item.

Feature of PI-F1


  • Feed system for supplying powder to powder guns according to/following the Venturi principle

  • High output range

  • Wide range of applications

  • Easy to operate and maintain

  • No special training necessary

  • Collector nozzle as a separate wear part

  • Lower war part costs

  • Conductive hose sleeve

  • Discharge of unwanted electric charge

PI-F1 Spec ENG.png
PIC_ACC_Venturi nozzle.jpg
Simple Injector.png

Injector Nozzle

3. Injector Nozzle


This is the most quickly depreciated item from normal use. It is installed within powder injector so it will be a bypass of powder flow to a spray gun. We suggest that this part should be bought as a reserved item.

PIC_ACC_Powder hose.jpg

4. Powder Hose D11


Standard powder hose from WAGNER with an inside diameter at 11 mm. The ground cable must be attached within powder hose (black line) to prevent the static caused by friction within the powder hose so the static will be moved into the ground system.

Powder Hose D11

Quick Coupling.png


Quick-release coupling

5. Quick-release coupling


Hose connector is linking between powder hose and powder spray gun which guarantee the optimal powder output. Currently, the regular powder hose is D11 so the quick release coupling must be code "2322761" which is available for powder hose with diameter D10 - D12.


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