High Performance Bond 2K Air Spray Gun

Two precisely coordinated material outlets ensure excellent mixing in the spray jet.

The A-Component is sprayed via the main nozzle, the B-component is injected into the spray process also. Different nozzles ensure a mixing ratio which can be coordinated optimally for the application.

Pilot Bond 2K Product Data:

The PILOT BOND 2K meets the highest demands for optimum processing of two-component dispersion adhesives.

  • Spray gun model for the application of two-component dispersion adhesives

  • All parts within the gun that come into contact with material are made seamlessly from stainless steel

  • Air cap made from stainless steel, available in round and wide jet

  • Air cap can be positioned in any way (horizontal, vertical)

  • Gun equally suited to left and right handed users

  • Easy cleaning of the B-component

  • Small construction format

  • Weight: 479 g

Structure of PILOT Bond 2K

Consumables can be quickly replaced

Available in round and wide jet versions

All parts within the gun that come into contact with material are made using stainless steel

Fluid section for component B material (hose connection is 4 x 2.5 mm)

Flow volume adjusting valve

(For pressure adjusting, please make adjustment at feeding unit such as pressure tank by depending on feeding unit manual)

Air hose connection 8 x 6 mm

Fluid Section for material A(hose connection is 8 x 6 mm)

Robust stainless steel air head

Injection Example

Application of Pilot Bond 2K

  • Foam Fabrication for shock absorption (It's not the same as PU foam which use for making heat insulation.)

  • Mattress adhesion

  • Soft-furnishing industry (desk, dining and conference chairs, sofas)

  • Automotive industry

  • Seats for buses and rail transportation

Technical Data of Pilot Bond 2K


Bond 2K สเปค อิง.png

Klebond 2K For Demonstration Set

List of complete set for 2K air spraypack (Klebond 2K Set)

  • Stainless Steel pressure tank MDG 22 for A component

  • Stainless Steel pressure tank MDG 4 for B component

  • Pilot Bond 2K Air Spray Gun

  • Hose package for fluid delivery (A component 8 x 6 mm and B component 4 x 2.5 mm) and air hose  8 x 6 mm

  • Other equipment which is not include in klebond 2K set but require to use with klebond 2K set consist of compressor and air regulator

Example of using with pressure tank

Pressure Tank MDG 22

Max. Pressure: 6 Bar

Capacity: 19.5 Litre

Pressure Tank MDG 4

Max. Pressure: 4 bar

Capacity: 3.1 Litre

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