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Heavy Coat 750

The Middle Size Piston Pump for Extremely High Viscosity Material and Skim Coat

HC750 Structure


1. Quality Spraying

With WAGNER’s professional AG-19 gun for high-performance applications. When used in combination with the Tradetip 3 which has nozzle for fillers. It is possible to handle even high-viscosity material wihtout difficulty.

2. It is a quick and easy task

To depressurise the unit.

3. Hydrastroke Technology

With this new technology, the operating temperature is reduced by up to 14°C in comparison to previous hydraulic systems. As a result, the HC 750 is subjected to less wear, and therefore, thanks to the optimal cooling, the unit is more reliable and has a longer service life. 

4. Ease of maintenance

Pump and motor are easily accessible and the displacement pump can be removed by loosening just 4 screws. This makes the HC 750 particularly maintenance-friendly. 

5. SSP shovel piston

Enable processing of extremely high-viscosity materials

6. Air Cooling

The robust design of the housing cover with integrated ventilation slots conducts air over all device components that convey hydraulic fluid.

7. Large rubber tyres

mean that the unit is easy and comfortable to transport, even on difficult terrain. 

8. Robust hydraulic oil container


with large slots for decreasing the oil temperature. 

9. Electrically driven unit

HC750 SSP is available for electric driver only. For basic model HC750 without SSP piston are available both electric driver and gasoline driver for construction area without electrical connection.

10. The practical telescopic handle

can be easily pushed together for simple transportation. The integrated hose holder makes it easy to stow away hoses. 

Application of Heavy Coat 750

Using with high viscosity and skim coat

  • This is the downsizing version of HC950 following the ideal of compact and flexibility

  • But the performance is significantly higher than 3.39 whether suction power and high viscosity application.

Equipment and Accessories with HC750SSP set

  • HC750 SSP Basic Unit

  • HP hose DN13; max 250 Bar; NPSM 1/2”; 15M

  • Hose antenna DN10, max. 250 Bar, NPSM 3/8”. 2.5M

  • Connector G 1/2” x G 3/8”

  • Airless Gun AG-19, NPS 3/8”, incl. TradeTip 3 Nozzle holder, 250 Bar’

  • Order Code 2371028

Technical Data of HEAVY COAT 750 SSP E
HC750 สเปค อิง.png

HC 750 SSP E

Accessories with Heavy Coat 750



Spray gun for filler and high viscosity mat.

Product Summary:

To avoid the clogging in nozzle, unable to spray when apply with high viscosity or perform in skim coating project. AG-19 is the large airless spray gun which is built for extremely high viscosity material without trouble. Especially, you can bring to use with skim coating. This is the best choice spray gun and be included in PS 3.39 spray pack set and heavy coat spray pack set.

For technical data and further information. Please see in below link (by click "More Details")



Standard Nozzle for Airless Spray Gun

Product Summary:

Due the Tradetip 3 nozzle has the various size for dynamic application and cover for smallest unit to largest unit like WAGNER 2K Protec. Therefore, it can be used with AG-19 spray gun which is included in PS 3.39 and Heavy Coat spray pack set without trouble.

For technical data and further information. Please see in below link (by click "More Details")


High Pressure Hose

Fluid hose for airless application

Product Summary:

The airless hose for PS 3.39 and Heavy Coat is bigger than the ordinary size so please remark that the hose which is included in piston pump spray pack must be hose size at least 13mm and available for 250 bar. If the size is smaller, it will be the normal hose for normal viscosity. It can not be applied with extremely high viscosity and skim coat. However, you can see another size if you use with AG-14 spray gun.

For technical data and further information. Please see in below link (by click "More Details")

Accessories with HC 750

To enhance the spraying performance and other solution for contractor

AG-14 Spray Gun

If you use PS 3.39 or Heavy Coat to spray with material which has viscosity lower than requirement. AG-14 is enable to apply with large piston pump unit. No need to use large spray gun.

You can see more information in below link ("More Details")

Enhance Spraying Performance

Extension nozzle, speed shield for spray pattern protecting and etc. You may found the enhance accessories in this below link


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