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PLAST MAX the All in one plaster spray pack

Everything of plaster coat in one equipment

  • Plast Max is the plaster coat equipment which can do a mixing material, pumping and spraying within single unit.

  • Simply using with control panel which can arrange the control of inverter speed, material flow rate and etc.

  • Easy movement and simply cleaning. The mixing chamber and quick stator are simply changing and easy cleaning.

  • Easy maintenance and durable. Self-priming water with stainless steel case and brass impeller.

  • Integrated Compressor (Suction Power is 250 liters per min) provide air pressure without dust and oil for low maintenance.


PLAST MAX the comprehensive plaster work

Structure of PLAST MAX

Explanatory Diagram

1. Electric Motor with transmission

2. Safety Guard

3. Hopper

4. Lever to set the tilt angle

5. Material Outlet

6. Cleaning tool for water connection

7. Cleaning tool for mixing chamber

8. Wheeled frame

9. Compressor

10. Electrical Panel

11. Water flow meter

12. Water volume regulator

13. Brake

14. Pressure booster pump

15. Water connection

16. Cleaning connection for mortar hose

17. Air connection

Overview of Plast Max Operating

Operating will be started at control panel (10) which control the mixing ratio, material flow rate and other key control. Once obtain the suitable measurement. The simply process are following below;

1. Input material into hopper (3) with protected by safety guard (2) in order to support finger of user to prevent mixing chamber.

2. Plast max connect with water hose (15) then water pump inject water and mix material within equipment.

3. Material will be mixing follow the setting value from control panel (10).

4. The completed mixed material will be delivered through material outlet (5) to spray lance.

Spray lance which be connect with material out let (5)

Technical Data of PLAST MAX

Application Example
Application Example

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