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Plast Coat 1030 the Compact plaster spray pack

Equipment is made specific for skim and plaster coating. Using with mortar mixing unit Plast Mix 15. 

Plast MAX the all in one plaster coat equipment

Plast Max the comprehensive plaster coating equipment. It can be used  as mixing mortar material and spraying with the same unit.

Plast Coat HP 30 The airless skim coat application

According to the combination of airless spray technology and plast coat technology, it will be the HP 30 that use the airless technology to spray mortar out with airless spray gun AG-19. It is designed for contractor who need the airless spray pack for skim coat only.

Compact Plaster Spray Gun

Compact Plaster Spray Gun for building construction from ANEST IWATA. It is suitable to use with small plaster capacity and small working area.

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Plast Coat 1030
Plast Max
Plast Coat HP 30
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