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The Compact Plaster Spray


WAGNER Technology for plaster spray


Plast Coat is the high performance for concrete spraying application which is suitable for construction workshop, for example the application of thermal insulation composite systems, structural waterproofing, concrete repair and much more.


Provide the best spraying performance which make surface to be smoothly, uniformity thickness, time saving and low maintenance expenses because it is simply use and maintenance. 


Feature of Plast Coat 1030:

Powerful Motor

the powerful motor achieves and ageing resistant. High torques and guarantees perfect performance.

Simply cleaning

High-quality PD-HD plastic container with a capacity of 45 litres: easy to clean, flexible, weather. The powerful servo motor achieves and ageing resistant.


Simply Move

Compact dimension with tire which help to move simply on site work.


Feeding Pump and Suction System


Simple and fast separation of pump and suction system. This ensures fast assembly and easy cleaning.


Spraying Lance

The ergonomic design for user. Simply equip and adjust spraying flow base on material.

Picture of Mortar Spraying

- Red is mortar

- Blue is air pressure

PC 1030 Operation with Full Package

Deliver electric power

Deliver electric power

Mortar Bag

Deliver Mortar

*Mixing mortar unit is the alternative solution. It is not required to use this equipment.


Deliver Mortar

Deliver electric power

Deliver Air Pressure

Deliver Mortar


Spraying Mortar

Details of Plast Coat 1030:


The power to handle large volumes - compact and versatile

  • Compact and lightweight: 58 kg of weight with a delivery height of 20 m and delivery radius of 40 m, materials up to a grain size of 6 mm supported.

  • Easy cleaning for use on building sites: automatic stator extraction and automatic pressure release.

  • For large surfaces and easy transport: integrated 50-litre plastic container, 4 wheels and a low overall height

  • Maintenance-free and robust: brushless DC motor for a high torque

PC 1030 Scope Delivery

  • Basic unit: PC 1030

  • Mortar hose DN25, M/V35, 10M, including air hose and control cable

  • Spraying lance, automatic, include 6 mm nozzle

  • Pump lubricant 500 ml

  • Tool box, premium, without content

  • Cleaning accessories

Screw Pumps


A large spiral dispensing pump is used for high viscosity and granular materials such as mortar. The large rotary spindle is driven by rotation around itself to deliver the mortar to the spray gun designed specifically for use.

Technical Data of PC 1030 and related accessories


Plaster Coat Unit PC1030


PC1030 are assigned to use spray working only. It can not be using for mixing work with by itself. Black Plastic container obtain the material from mixing unit to feed to spray lance. Please click on below link to see the technical data information of PC 1030


Mortar Mixing Material Plast Mix 15


WAGNER provide mortar mixing unit as last mix 15 to support the mixing material and feed to PC830. You may see more details in below link;


C330 Air Compressor


The optional item for compact air compressor which provide air pressure. WAGNER bring this item to use in plaster coat complete set in order to feed air pressure. You may see more details in below link;


Plaster Coat Complete Set


PC1030 The plaster coat complete set include sprayer unit PC1030, mixing unit: Plast Mix 15 and air compressor C330.

Product Demonstration

Video Credit:


Company: Wagner Spraytech (Aust) Pty. Ltd. 

Territory: Australia


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