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Plastic Booth Cube Series

Powder Plastic Booth which require a few installation space

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Plastic Powder Booth Cube Series

The WAGNER S-Cube clean assist, a compact powder coating booth with an automated cleaning process, guarantees continuous high-quality cleaning and coating results for increased production rates

The WAGNER S-Cube clean assist is available as part of a complete powder coating system. A wide range of workpieces can be coated with the highest efficiency - even large objects in horizontal suspension, such as aluminum profiles or metal furniture.



  • Considerable time savings as the effort for manual booth cleaning is minimized by up to 100%

  • High productivity 5-6 minutes color change time and an overspray recovery of up to 95%

  • Continuously high coating quality thanks to fast and reliable cleaning process - reduced contamination during color changes.


Cube Booth in C-Line System

Special Advantage


Time savings and easy operation

  • Automatic start of the color change by the code plate which is read by a photo cell. All-in-one control panel (based at the integrated powder center) allows intuitive process adjustments.


Flexible application options

  • A wide range of workpieces can be coated up to a size of 2,400 x 700 mm


Optimum Cleaning Results

  • Gun slots and workpiece passage are closing automatically during the booth cleaning process.

  • Automated floor cleaning from center to sides.

  • Cleaning of automatic guns with unique blow-off panels.


Increased coating quality

  • Double suction tubes lead to perfect airflow inside the booth with minimum airspeed in the coating area. This ideal design guarantees maximized transfer efficiency and uniform coating thicknesses.

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Technical Data of Cube Plastic Booth Series

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Moving Device for Automatic Powder Spray Gun

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Comprehensive Automatic Powder Coating System


Powder Center


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