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The choice of the right system components depends on the nature of the work-piece, the rate of throughput and the coating process. When choosing the best powder recovery system the frequency of color changes and the finished quality required play an especially large role.


For up to 3 standard colors the ICF booth with filter recovery is the most efficient powder separation system (ICF = Integral Compact Filter)

The benefits:


  • suitable for all applications where a few standard colors are used

  • the complete filter unit can be replaced making fast color changed possible

  • almost 100% powder separation for grater economy

  • all functional units are optimally matched to each other; powder recovery preparation and powder supply

The benefits of a stainless steel booth


  • stable construction, smooth walled design 

  • high grade stainless steel

  • low powder adhesion, easy to clean

  • a horizontal booth floor which can be walked on

  • powder extraction belt as an option

The coating powder which is sprayed past the work-pieces is carried by the air stream extracted form the booth and separated out at the filter elements. The cleaned air flows through the filter mats and is then fed back into the workshop. During operation of the equipment the filter cartridges are individually cleaned and regenerated one after the other. The separated powder is sieved on the integral sieving machine and returns into circulation via the spray system.


Continuous removal of the over-spray


In addition to this the powder which falls to the floor of the booth is constantly fed back into circulation by the powder wiper or the powder extraction belt.

ICF Booth Structure

Booth Structure


  1. Powder spray booth

  2. Filter trolley

  3. Filter elements

  4. Sieving device

  5. Powder container with level sensor

  6. Powder transport injector

  7. Powder wiper (special accessory)

  8. Reciprocator

  9. Powder spray gun

  10. Cleaning air stream

  11. Filter mats

  12. Clean air exit

  13. Fresh powder container

Filter with ICF

Powder Filter

Faster and More Efficient


ICF Booth use single color in each operating time but the changing to use another color is not difficult. Each changing color time is simply and use a few time.

Easy to Clean


Integral C powder booth is built from high grade material. The special feather of this booth that is stainless steel wall which support to reduce powder adhesion on wall and support to clean easily and quickly and also decrease color changing time.

Fast Powder Color Change


Using the filter recovery unit that facilitate the removing and inserting for new unit or changing color. The sieving machine and powder injector will be replaced by depending on each case but replacement the completed assembly set is quick and mainly used for changing standard colors.

1. Switch for change equipment

2. Remove or Replace Sieving Place

3. Remove or Replace Filter

The benefit for maintenance


Powder Color changes become even faster and safer. The sieving machine and filter cartridges are easily replaceable for maintenance purposes.

Everything Integrated


WAGNER Integral C powder coating booths unit include every related system of powder coating which include powder spray booth, the recovery system, the powder preparation and the powder supply within the compact-structure so it does not need to use with external powder supply equipment and sieving machines.

Full Optimal Performance


Every functions of the equipment in powder booth will show the maximum performance which guarantee the best surface coating quality and support to reduce material powder consumption rate.

Right Solution for every application


Integral C booths is the wide range of powder finishing work in order to use every application.

Powder Material Recovery Equipment

The powder paint will be sieved that it near powder spraying area. Sieved machine is usually removed when the powder container is uncoupled. High grade filter cartridges filter out floated powder which are mixed with exhaust air after sprayed past workpiece to be separated from each other and return air to use.

The powder trolley

Using to contain powder paint at capacity around 140 liters. Equip with vibratory sieve and fluidized bed. Installing the trolley wheel to support the movement.

The filter cartridges

Made from high grade polyester fleece filter. Very high stability (no abrasion of  fibers) and high tear strength. Long service life.

The PIP1 or PIF1 Injector

Precisely feeding powder material to powder booth system with optimal performance.

Link of Technical Data for related equipment of ICF


Automatic Powder Spray Gun


Moving Device for Automatic Powder Spray Gun

Screen Shot 2562-05-26 at 21.01.34.png

Powder Recovery System


Powder Center


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