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The ICM powder spray booth system (ICM = Integral Compact Multi-cyclone) was specially developed for multi color operation and quick reliable powder changes. This pioneering technology has proven its worth in several hundred multi-cyclone booths which have been installed since it was launched onto the market.

The multi-cyclone system


9 small sized cyclones in a space of only 1 m3 and a booth waste air output of up to 12,000 m3/h provide optimal powder recovery. The continuous efficiency rating is 95-98%.

The benefits:


  • high rate of air through-put up to 12,000 m3/h per unit

  • the continuous separation efficiency rating is 95-98%

  • low installed height

  • easy to clean, the multi-cyclone separator is totally visible and has no pipe connections

  • a wide range of applications.

The benefits of a stainless steel booth


  • stable construction, smooth walled design

  • high grade stainless steel

  • low powder adhesion, easy to clean

  • a horizontal booth floor which can be walked on

  • powder extraction belt as an option

Functional description


The powder not applied to the work-piece is carried by the gently flow of exhaust air to the suction channel and then into the multi-cyclone, where it is distributed evenly between the individual cyclones. The small diameters generate high centrifugal forces giving a very high separation efficiency. The powder which is spun out falls through the stabilizing zone directly onto the sieving machine and into the powder conveying container. The circuit is thus completed by the shortest route. The cleaned air flows through the exhaust cowl and through the back filters back into the workshop.

Structure and Operating Procedure of ICM

Booth Structure


  1. Suction channel

  2. Pressure relief flap

  3. Powder conveying container

  4. Inspection covers

  5. Integral multi-cyclone

  6. Cyclone

  7. Back Filter Element

  8. Stabilizing Chamber

  9. Powder Injection

  10. Clean-air chamber

  11. Automatic filter cleaning

  12. Powder collecting pan

  13. Clean-air exit

Multi-Cyclone System

Highest Efficiency Operating


The inlet chamber of the IMZ powder separator is simply accessible from interior of the booth to clean with using blower gun to blow powder out or vacuum for suction running. Due to the self cleaning system every 3 - 5 minutes, only for extreme color changes such as from black to white will extent a few minutes to change color. 

The interchangeable powder conveying trolley is detached and cleaned whilst the coating is in progress and change for the next color.

If WAGNER multi-cyclone system is compared to conventional mono-cyclone system. The distinct different point that mute-cyclone facilitate operating to be convenience more than up to 98%. Especially, the frequent powder changes.

Trolley with ICM

The powder trolley and the sieving machine are located below cyclone area. The powder trolley is equipped with a fluid bed plate. The coating powder on fluid bed plate will blowed by inflowing air to be atomized and feed to system with optimal rate. The powder container can take up to 16 injectors.

Benefit of ICM Trolley 


  • Powder capacity around 200 litres

  • Short powder routes

  • Reliable powder supply properties

  • Powder injectors are easily accessible and replacement



  • Plate for the injectors suitable for blow out appliance.

  • Sensor - injector plate for Powder Flow Control (PFC) equipment.

Link of Technical Data for related equipment of ICM


Automatic Powder Spray Gun


Moving Device for Automatic Powder Spray Gun

Screen Shot 2562-05-26 at 21.01.34.png

Powder Recovery System


Powder Center


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