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WAGNER The World's leading of Powder Coating system
ROM decide to renovate the presentation of WAGNER Powder Coating equipment and system in order to re-organize content structure. Now ROM brings all component of powder coating system into this website. For example, powder center unit, powder booth, powder recovery system and also powder coating system for wheel coating such as C-Line system.
In order to provide sales and service to every customer requirement since small workshop until large heavy industry and also include large industry which has complex production process, we have powder coating equipment and system to respond all demand of the customer as our motto announced to the public that "we stand behind every finishing project". Our standard of sales and service is the same whatever customer group.

Related equipment with powder coating equipment.

Powder Booth

Heat Treatment Room

Required equipment of powder coating
Not only powder coating equipment and powder material, it require powder booth and powder heat treatment system to operate in powder coating process. You may see more example of powder booth in below link;

List of powder equipment


Provide the powder manual set which is available both hopper 60-liter version and direct feeding from powder box version as following customer requirement. In addition, we also present the common wear spare part and accessories in order to acknowledge the customer to support their planning about choosing unit and planning for service maintenance.


Accordingly, ROM brings information of the control unit which is compatible to use with manual powder set and also introduce the special accessories such as quick change powder unit, electrostatic tester unit, and surface layer measurement unit.


Powder coating equipment for laboratory only which include control unit, powder gun with small container in the same package. We also introduce the common wear spare part and accessories for this unit.


This section has been renovated significantly by introducing the related powder equipment and system are following as below;

- Preparation and Feeding System

- Automatic Powder Coating Application

- Automatic Powder Booth

- Linear Moving Device

- Powder Recovery Unit

- Controlling Unit

- Web-Database Network of Powder Coating for Remotely Management


  As above, we have all component of the powder coating system. Customer can consider and choose the equipment and system to apply in their production line. We also have information about related accessories and common wear spare part. In addition, we present the Web-database network in order to support the management personnel level to perform manage remotely coating system in anywhere of the world.


If WAGNER design powder system in their style, what will be? This is the answer from WAGNER. There have E-Line system for ordinary industry and C-Line for wheel factory by presenting the overview of powder coating system which includes all component already.


(For the visitor who just enter to this website in the first time, please see in section 3 "Automatic powder coating system" because this section is the example of the combination of all component into coating system which designed by WAGNER.)

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