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The WAGNER E-Line System

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E-Line Solution


The WAGNER E-Line Powder Coating application solution offers excellent coating quality and a quick color change capability with the minimal system.

Features of E-Line


  • Smart and Easy to use with All-in-one control

  • High-quality powder application utilizing our powerful PEA-C4 automatic guns and precise EPG S2 modules

  • Fast color change with low investment costs for an excellent price-performance ratio

  • Efficient and intelligent powder recovery

  • Best airflow and highest transfer efficiency thanks to the optimized PVC booth structure and duct design

Fast Color Change


  • Typical 7 - 10 minutes on reclaim

  • QuickCube "easy-to-clean" plastic (PVC) powder booth

  • PXE powder feed center-automated color change functions

Energy Efficiency Package


  • Improved powder recovery rate and minimized pressure loss. Thanks to patent-pending duct and cyclone design.

  • Large potential savings. Up to 40% less energy consumption and resulting utility cost savings.

  • Maximized production stability. High safety of color changes without the risk of contamination.

Equipment and Accessories with E-Line


Reciprocating Gun Moving Devices

  • Flexibility with precision. Whether long or short strokes with this technology and motion sequence can be executed with precision.

  • Horizontal sliding table. Available powered for automatic operation or manual for low cost approach.

Powder Single Auto Gun.jpg

PEA-C4 Automatic Guns

  • Increased transfer efficiency The optimized electrostatic technology to ensures efficient powder charging

  • Even powder output Our guns and the variety of nozzle designs provide the coverage needed and ensure consistent coating results.


PEM X-1 Manual Gun

  • Ergonomic Handling Robust and lightweight design (only 490g)

  • User-friendly operation Quick adjustment of the powder quantity and easy program switch via remote control.


WAGNER PXE Powder Center


  • Intuitive Handling The 7" all-in-one color touch display allows the entire system to be operated from central control unit.

  • Flexible powder feeding Powder supply either directly from the powder box or from a WAGNER fluidized hopper.

  • Maximum production reliability

    • Single point of control and few interactions than competitor's systems

    • Direct access to 30 recipes

    • Multiple gun control interface and programming

    • Clear user interface structure

    • Booth, powder center, movement and gap controlled included

Structure of WAGNER E-Line Powder Coating System







1.1 QuickCube Plastic Booth

4 Flexible layout options

(WP = workpiece dimensions)

Booth 1 WP dim. Max 2,100 (H) x 400 (W)

Booth 2 WP dim. Max 1,400 (H) x 600 (W)

Booth 3 WP dim. Max 2,100 (H) x 600 (W)

Booth 4 WP dim. Max 2,000 (H) x 800 (W)

1.2 Optimal application results

Guaranteed with our high-quality key components: Powerful PEA-C4 automatic guns, precise EPG S2 modules and accurate moving systems.

2.1 Production Stability

Guaranteed with the WAGNER booth design utilizing easy-to-clean PVC sandwich walls.

2.2 Homogeneous powder coating


Thanks to the double-sided, pulsed, floor-mounted powder extraction system the air stream does not affect the powder cloud like most other systems available on the market.

3. Optimum airflow and highest transfer efficiency


Special PVC booth construction and optimized inner geometry with the WAGNER floor design. Dual floor ducts in corners of booth ensures maximum application efficiency via a stable powder cloud even for lowest hanging work pieces.

4. Low investment costs


Entry-level PCE powder center with an excellent price-performance ratio.

5. Reduced electrical power demand

Lower energy consumption by the dust collector due to improved system airflow.

Technical Data of E-Line System

E-Line Spec ENG.png

Demonstration Video

Video Credit:


Company: J. Wagner GmbH

Territory: Germany (Headquarter)


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