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อุปกรณ์ใช้งานร่วม - ส่วนบรรจุสีฝุ่น


1. Box Cover

A specially-developed box cover minimize dust leakage.


2. Container Cover


A Specially-developed container lid for the fluid yank minimizes dust leakage. The powder can simply be manually refilled via the flap.

Powder Container 60L (Standard Capacity)

 3. Standard powder container 60 Liter


Stainless powder container which has capacity at 60 liter. It can be used with powder manual set or apply to use in automatic system.

Power Container 100L for Prima

 4. Powder Container 100L for powder center


Special stainless steel powder center for using with powder center. Unique design to be compatible with powder center operation and also involve co-ordinated with a sensor which can detect the capacity within a powder container. The height is 410 mm.


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