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Technical Data of EPG S2


Enable to control 2 automatic spray gun in the same time

The EPG S2 control unit is used for all WAGNER guns in an automated system. 2 guns may be connected and independently remote-controlled using the central control unit.

Special Advantage


  • Fully electronic control unit for reproducible product quantity settings. Storage and retrieval of programs with all coating parameters

  • Closed-loop AFC airflow controller. Exact and reproducible settings and their precise output.

  • Controlling 2 guns. Space-saving construction.

Application with powder coating system


  • It must be applied with the automatic system only and must be controlled by the center controller unit only

  • Available for SprayPack E (MCE Unit)

  • Available for ProfiTech M

  • Available for ProfiTech S

Spray Pack E Front.png

EPG S2 in rack of SprayPack E


EPG S2 is under controlled by ProfiTech S which is installed on IPS Master Powder Center

Technical Data of Related Equipment for EPG S2


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