SprayPack E the Central Control Unit



With the SprayPack E, automatic guns and motion systems in a connected powder booth can be controlled quickly and easily automatically. As an entry-level device among the WAGNER control units, it is particularly suitable for users who switch from manual application to automatic coating.


  • Quick installation and individual extensions

  • Intuitive operation via the central 7-inch touchscreen

  • Efficient and resource-saving coating thanks to intelligent automatic control

  • High coating quality through combination with proven WAGNER system components (automatic guns, motion technology)

The SprayPack E, an automatic control unit, is the ideal entry into automatic series production thanks to its modular design and user-friendliness.

Central Control and operating unit


The MCE Module combines the individual control modules. With its intuitive menu navigation, it allows fast operation and prevents operating errors, this ensures constant coating results.

MCE Module

Various Possibilities


Up to 20 automatic guns, as well as 2 sliding tables and 2 lifting devices, can be controlled. Gap and height control for a reduction of power consumption is optionally included in the range of functions.

CPE Electric Supply

Digital Control Panel Touchscreen

Efficient gun control

The number of gun control modules EPG S2 with AFC closed-loop technology can be individually adapted to the required gun quantity. 2 guns can be connected per module and operated independently of each other via the central control.

Maximum Safety


The CPE module controls the power supply and safety interlocking of the motion technology. Protective brackets on the frame protect the control unit against mechanical damage from outside. An integrated compressed air maintenance unit with comporessed air monitoring ensures correct operating conditions.

Diagram connection among each system component in SprayPack E

EPG S2 Control Unit

PEA-C4 Automatic

Powder Spray Gun

Light bars CSL710 with:

  • Gap control for a reduction of powder consumption

  • Height control with 4 zones

Encoder measures conveying speed of the workpiece by means of 24 volt impulse

Equipment Motion Systems

  • 2x vertical (VU1/VU2)

  • 2x horizontal (HU1)

Technical Data of SprayPack E

Link of Techncial Data for related equipment with SprayPack E

PEA-C4 Automatic Spray Gun

EPG S2 Control Unit

Linear Moving Device

Powder Center

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