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Controlling System Set ProfiTect M 


The efficient and easy-way to high-quality coating result


Quality you can rely on. The ProfiTech M control system from WAGNER gives you a clear overview of all your coating processes


  • High-quality coatings

  • Minimal powder consumption

  • Reliable user interface

WAGNER offers devices, equipment, and systems for all areas of the industrial surface coating. Our innovative products and solutions stand out in terms of their quality, efficiency, and productivity.


With its ProfiTech M control system, WAGNER offers an ideal solution specially designed for easy operation.

The user benefits from a control system tailored to their individual needs. The user interface is designed according to the latest ergonomic principles to ensure maximum operating and coating efficiency.

  • User-friendly visualization

  • Touch and twist control concept

  • Intuitive menu structure

  • Wide variety of functions that can be configured individually

PIC_EQU_ProfiTechM - 006.jpg

The control system ProfiTech M: user-friendly and efficient - for high process reliability


Easy to operate

All functions are controlled by a central display. The user-friendly operating panel is notable for its simple and accessible menu system. This enables the user to master process-critical or complex procedures such as color changes intuitively. Frequently used functions are available via a quick accc


Consistent Quality


Up to 1,000 coating parameter recipes can be stored. Recipes can be stored and assigned individual names in the recipe menu. This allows coating processes to be clearly archived and retrieved quickly. The recipes are managed in a logical and organized folder structure.


Easy to understand


Overview of system status, icon/text buttons, and logical menu structure ensure reliable process control.


Our modular principle


Thanks to the flexible and perfectly coordinated components, systems can be designed and assembled to suit individual requirements.


Outstanding Technology


AFC (Air Flow Control) technology with genuine closed-loop control and comprehensive functionality produces coating results that meet the highest quality standards.

Overview of ProfiTech M

PIC_EQU_ProfiTechM - 012.jpg

Color Display

For clear visualization of all the main control functions.

Control Software

Field-tested in tough industrial environments for high system availability.

Control Cabinet CPS

For connecting components and integrating the system into the automatic production process.


Spray gun control system

Modular structure, space-saving, easily expandable.

MCM (Master Control Module)










Transparent menu structure with clear pictograms

  • Header with system status

  • Right-hand menu bar

  • Dynamic function bars along the bottom

  • Graphic visualization area

  1. Overview of system status

  2. Reliable system start-up

  3. Selection of coating recipe

  4. Correction and optimization of current coating

  5. Color change via operator dialog

  6. Recipe storage and management

  7. Higher-level functions and system parameters

  8. Troubleshooting

MCM Program

RS Start-Up.png

Reliable system start-up

Step by step to automatic operation

Set-Actual Value.png

Set/Actual value

Display for analysis purposes

Recipe Editor.png

Recipe editor

Touch-control recipe selection, customized structure and labeling.

Color Change Procedure.png

Color change procedure

interactive and correctly sequenced, storage of color change duration.

Function of ProfiTech M

Function Pro M ENG.png

Technical Data of MCM

MCM Spec ENG.png

Linke of Technical Data for related equipment of ProfiTech M


PEA-C4 Automatic Spray Gun


EPG S2 Control Unit

V and H Cover.png

Linear Moving Device


Powder Center

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