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ProfiTech S the Central Control Unit

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ProfiTech S - Powder Coating made simple


With ProfiTech S, you have the complete powder coating system under control. Even complex, customer-specific control relationships can be easily configured and displayed on the touch panel in a user-friendly manner. Comprehensive functions ensure excellent coating results and process reliability. Coating data collection and the option of data backup round out the system.

1. Efficient and flexible


The clearly arranged touch panel is used for centralized, convenient operation of the system (guns, motion equipment and booth). Thanks to the modular principle, the touch panel can also be mounted to the manual coater directly and thus ensures short distances when coating.

2. Robust and Reliable


The high-tech industrial control cabinet provides professional and robust design for reliable operation.

3. Compact and precise


EPG S2 control unit is the subsidiary system of a centralized control system which is assigned to control automatic spray gun. 1 unit can control 2 automatic powder spray gun with a precise input value and also has airflow control technology which makes high quality result of the coating process. This unit is controlled by the center control panel.

4. The rack of EPG S2 for ProfiTech S

Module rack of EPG S2 in ProfiTech S system has 10 levels and each level can be installed with EPG S2 only 1 unit. It's mean that this system can control automatic powder spray gun up to 20 guns as the EPG S2 1 unit can control spray gun 2 units.

Constant quality on recipe of ProfiTech S

CAN-Bus Process

CAN (Controller Area Network) is a serial communication technology used for reliable data exchange between hardware components in particular. This CAN-Bus interface can be used with the WAGNER control systems for even greater process reliability.

Air Flow Control System


WAGNER Air Flow Control (AFC) means precise powder control and thus optimal coating results. In addition, WAGNER units have a closed-loop control, which continuously measures and corrects the air pressure if necessary. This ensures consistent values.

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Closed-Loop Air Flow

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Benefit of Air Flow Control

  • Constant air volume

  • No difference between set and actual values

  • Complete reproducibility of settings and results

  • Remote control by application control

  • Individual coating formulations with all application parameters


Multilevel User


The system allows the user to create three different user categories. The users can be assigned individual rights and persons, who can then log into the system with their password. Only trained personnel can then create and modify recipes, for example, while the usual coater can use them exclusively. Consistency quality is thereby ensured.


Day Correction


Under certain circumstances, influences such as humidity or ambient temperature can cause deviations in the planned coating results. To compensate for such influences, WAGNER has a day correction that can be used to quickly adjust the amount of powder without having to change the recipe. The new settings can easily be copied into a new recipe.

Comprehensive Functions at the touch of a button


The ProfiTech S touch panel makes user-friendly, central control of important components such as guns booth and motion equipment possible. The interface design is based on years of experience in coating routines and combines functionality and clarity.

  • All key features at a glance

  • Logical arrangement of the functions

  • Clear navigation

  • Fast switching between different functions

  • 9" and 12" sizes in 16:9 format available

Prima Tech S Technical Data

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Link of Technical Data for related equipment of ProfiTech S


PEA-C4 Automatic Spray Gun


EPG S2 Control Unit

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Linear Moving Device


Powder Center

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