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Controlling Unit for Subsidiary Level


Subsidiary Unit.png

The replacement by Central Control Level Unit


As there has a controlling system such as SprayPack E, ProfiTech M and ProfiTech S which are the central control level unit in order to control every module in the powder coating system. At the same time, the former controlling system "PrimaTech CCM" is discontinued and remove already in the production line. According to this case, most of the control unit which is presented below are stand-alone device due to the main hub unit "CCM" is no more.


However, MCS and GCM are still available in the market because there are available for customer who has PrimaTech CCM in their powder painting line in order to replace with the old unit or co-operate with the custom-made system. In addition, EPG Sprint X is also the choice for customer in order to use with the custom-made system too.


Only EPG S2 and LC1000 must be controlled under central unit because there is no panel to set in these units. It must be set at Central control unit.

Various type of Control Unit


Powder Application Control


Scope of Control:

Control Powder Spray gun both manual type and automatic type by 1 control to 1 spray gun.

Status of Control:


It can be operated as a stand-alone unit without under controlled by the central unit.


Powder Application Control


Scope of Control:

As there is no panel in unit, it must be used with automatic type only by 1 unit to 2 spray gun

Status of Control:

Must be controlled by central unit only


Gap Control Unit


Scope of Control:

Gap control deactivates powder feed between coating gaps enabling significant saving in the powder cycle.

Status of Control:


This is the stand-alone control unit due to PrimaTech CCM is out of production already. It can be controlled at unit.


Motion Control Unit


Scope of Control:


Control the motion of a moving device both vertical unit and horizontal unit by 1 unit to 2 moving device.

Status of Control:


This is the stand-alone control unit due to PrimaTech CCM is out of production already. The motion control can be adjusted at the unit.

CPD Cabinet.png

Power Supply Cabinet


Scope of Control:


Supply the electric power for various system components. It serves as a signal interface to MCM module.

Status of Control:

Control the power supply

WAGNER LC1000.jpg

Layer Check Device


Scope of Control:


Measure the coating thickness of film on the workpiece surface.

Status of Control:


The measurement data will be transferred to the external device to it must be controlled by a central unit.

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