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Powder Application Controlling System

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Centralized Control System


The latest powder application control system of WAGNER is created in order to be controlled at the central unit only. One monitor can control all system of powder coating such as powder spraying control, moving device control and related system. The new controlling system such as SprayPack E, Profitech S, and Profitech M are operated at center control panel only.


Excellent reliability and high precision for optimal coating results that's what WAGNER control technology stands for. It is the ideal basis for advanced and powerful automation solutions in powder coating. Regardless of what your application may be, we have the right solution for you.


Even though the newest controlling system intended to be operated in the central unit. WAGNER also provide the standalone control unit which is compatible with both WAGNER original system or custom made the system as the alternative choice for powder coating system designation.

Example of ProfiTech M Control Set

Powder Application Controlling Set and Subsidiary Unit
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SprayPack E

The SprayPack E, and automatic control unit, is the ideal entry into automatic series production thanks to its modular design and user-friendliness.


SprayPack E Center Control System

ProfiTech M
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Quality you can rely on. The ProfiTech M control system from WAGNER gives you a clear overview of all your coating processes.

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Profitech M the Center Control Unit

ProfiTech S

With ProfiTech S, you have the complete powder coating system under control. Even complex or specific requirement, the function is user-friendly. The coating data can be transfer and backup outside system.


Profitech S the Center Control Unit

Subsidiary Unit

Subsidiary Control unit which are available both standalone unit and co-operated unit under the whole system. We also provide the related accessories for this system.

Subsidiary Unit.png

Technical Data of Subsidiary Control Unit

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