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Everything is packed in one suitcase.

For Laboratory use


The powder cup laboratory set is a useful, handy, flexible but yet high-performing equipment for powder coating component parts and small amounts as i.e. needed for laboratory-and development purposes.

Included Item in Convenient Case


  • Powder Spray Corona Gun PEM-X1 CG

  • Set of Flat and Round Nozzle

  • Completed of Wire Set and Ground Cable

  • Powder Cup 500 CC

  • EPG Sprint X the controlled use which is friendly designed for user

  • Ready to use

Technical Data of PEM-X1 CG

PEM-X1 CG for Lab Test
PEM-X1 CG Spec ENG.png

Example of using PEM-X1 CG

Input directly powder to the cup on the spray gun.
Using with low capacity painting work.

Technical Data of EPG SPRINT X


EPG Sprint X Control Unit


Operate with WAGNER AFC (Air Flow Control) systems guarantees control and optimal coating results. Regulate air pressure constantly to obtain continuous valves. Simply adjusting any requirements of working condition. The setting can be memorized up to 50 coating programs to get the best coating recipe. All parameters are present clearly on display to support control. It enables to use both Corona Charge type and Tribo type. The XE type is built in order to use with AF set only because the vibrating table will be vibrated by electric power from XE control Unit

EPG Sprint X spec eng.png

Special Advantages


  • Optimal arrangement of the operating elements. Self-explanatory and intuitive operation, short training periods.

  • Storage and retrieval of programs with all coating parameters

  • Exact and reproducible settings and their precise output

Common Wear Part of PEM-X1 CG

Cup Gun.png

Powder Cup


The difference between the normal version and the CG version is the powder cup 500 ccs which will be included in the lab test set 1 unit. However, you may purchase separately but in 1 set include 5 cups.


Common Wear Part and Accessories

Common wear part and accessories are the same as another WAGNER Powder Corona Spray gun. You can see in below link for more details.

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