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Accessories - Powder Preparation Unit


1. Fluidizing unit for box


The power supply for the guns can be conducted directly from the powder box using the fluidizing system in order to save time. It takes up 2 injector space. Therefore, it reduces injector number to 20 units.


2. Integrated Vibrating Table


The vibrating table ensures optimum preparation and good delivery of the powder from the box. Helps in feeding powder with difficult fluid properties.


 3. Ultrasonic Screening Unit


The ultrasonic (The high-frequency sound wave) screen unit developed for use in the PX series which makes a high screening performance possible. The open design ensures easy operation and paints change safety. Cool screening technology provides process safety.

  • Compact Integration in PX series

  • High sieve performance

  • No restrictions to the surface coverage of the system

  • Integrated debris removal

  • Achieve the highest coating quality


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