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Preparation and Feeding Section


Preparation and Feeding System

We haven't talk about feeding only containing and feeding but we include about preparation process. The new generation of powder center include powder sieving equipment which obtain powder from recovery section in order to fresh powder before re-enter to container and feeding process again or the powder delivery system by peristaltic pump which provide the continuously feeding process without manual feeding. In addition, new powder center provide the space available for control unit installation that it combine the feeding section and control section into the same area in order to save working space

In this section, there have presentation of each powder center type and related accessories.

Powder Center with EPG S2 Control Unit

Equipment under Preparation and Feeding System

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IPS Master Powder Coating Center

A new dimension of system availability, productivity, and user-friendliness with unique technology.


This is the newest powder center type of WAGNER. It is not only the preparation and feeding system. It includes the controlling system in this unit.


Powder Management Center WAGNER PXE

The WAGNER PXE powder center fulfills all requirements for the powder supply of an automatic coating system. The PXE comes either as a standard version or as a maximized powder center version which includes an integrated vibrating and fluidizing system to feed directly from powder box.


Powder Management Center WAGNER PXM

The WAGNER PXM powder centers are individually configurable for highly divers applications. They form the core of an automatic powder coating system. Through their flexiblity the WAGNER PXM powder centers fulfill very different requirements and tasks for excellent coating result.


Powder Management Center WAGNER PXS

The WAGNER PXS powder centers are the benchmark for top coating quality with high performance components efficiently integrated into a floor space-saving footprint. The PXS comes as either a stand-alone powder center for retrofits or as an integral control system for all system components including application equipment, moving devices, booth and powder dust collector.


WAGNER Prima Center Stand Alone

The Prima Center stand-alone can accommodate up to 12 powder injectors. It is designed for the powder feed into the paint change system and permits a simple paint change through partially automated cleaning procedures.


Basic Powder Center

The basis powder center is primarily designed for the powder feeding in single-paint systems. It is available as a modular system with various stages of expansion. The basic configuration consists of a fluid tank with suction pipes as required for the number of guns to be suppled. Depending on the particular task, the system can be extended by adding the level sensor, vibration table and sieve equipment modules.

Basic Powder Center.jpg

Accessories for preparation and feeding section

All related accessories of preparation and feeding powder system such as powder injector, sieve machine, container and etc.



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