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PRESSURE TANK for Air Spray Gun

Pressure Tank for Mass Production Factory


If the production volume have a mass quantity and use only one color through out the production line and also no need to take time for change color, we suggest to use high quality pressure tank from Walther Pilot which suitable for these kind of spray work. The advantage is enable to use large quantity material paint more than diagram low pressure pump. Free of pulsation to support deliver precisely material paint. Performing continuous spray work longer. It comply to use since low viscosity material to abrasive materials. Compatible both Fine spray and HVLP spray.

Operate with Air Spray Gun

You may see more details of using with air spray gun.

WALTZER PILOT Pressure Tank 20L LDG20

Included Items of Pressure tank


  • Pressure Tank

  • Cover with ascending pipe

  • Material outlet ball valve

  • Compressed air inlet valve

  • Compressed air inlet fitting

  • Pressure gauge

  • Safety Valve

WALTZER PILOT Pressure Tank 60L MDG60

Included Items of Pressure tank


  • Pressure Tank

  • Compressed air inlet fitting

  • Safety Valve

  • Cover with standard filter cap

  • Ascending Pipe

  • Material Outlet ball valve

  • Conformity Certificate GM2000W


Example Applications


    •    Metal protection and finishing

    •    Wood finishing

    •    Plastic finishing

    •    Aerospace industry

    •    Automotive components

    •    Motorcycle parts

    •    Agriculture Equipment

Example of Typical Material

    •    Solvent - and water based material

    •    1K and 2K paint

    •    Primer and Top coat

    •    Low- /medium- / high solid material

    •    Paints and release agent

    •    PU and Epoxy material

    •    Metallic paint

Compatible Air Spray gun with Pressure tank

Manual Gun
Automatic Gun
GM5000 EA


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