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Demonstrated by expert technician staff before deliver equipment to customer

Demonstrate and Introduce how to use equipment by expert technician at site.

No matter where customer are, ROM can approach to demonstrate how to use WAGNER equipment at your site which conclude using finishing equipment properly, choosing a suitable material for each equipment, basic maintenance procedure, solving problem solution and safety guidance to give confidence to customer in WAGNER equipment. ROM can demonstrate at factory or construction area.

1. Demonstrate at actual working site.

Testing equipment at your site. You may prepare material paint and work piece then we are ready to go with expert technician.

2. Material Testing at ROM

If customer change material specification and need to know the impact of changing, you can bring your material and your equipment to test at ROM main office. (For Architectural Coating customer only)

Example Picture of Product Demonstration

Please see below picture to look the demonstration process by ROM.

1. Demonstration of Using Spraying Unit
Example of Demonstration of Prospray 3.20
(Click below gallery to see picture)
1. Setting Up
2. Location Survey
3. Teaching
4. Testing Nozzle
5. Trial Run
6. After work teaching
Example of Demostration of HC950 for high viscosity material spraying.
(Click below gallery to see example picture)
1. Introduction
2. Setting up
3. Explanation
4. Material Feeding
5. Trial run
6. Finalize Trial Run
2. Example of Material Testing
Remark: Only customer of Architectural Coating and D.I.Y. product
(Click below gallery to see example picture)
1. Area Preparation
2. Piece work setting up
3. Feeding material
4. Testing by Painting
5. Demonstrate the solving problem
6. Re-Trial for final result
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