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PXE Powder Center

Low Investment Costs

  • The PXE contains an integrated cabinet for a complete coating solution with all electrical components included

The WAGNER PXE powder center fulfills all requirements for the powder supply of an automatic coating system. The PXE comes either as a standard version or as a maximized powder center version which includes an integrated vibrating and fluidizing system to feed directly from powder box.


  • The 7” all-in-one color touch display allows the whole system to be operated from one central control unit

  • Powder supply directly from the powder box or WAGNER stainless steel fluidized hopper 100L, depending on customer requirements

  • Powder supply of up to 22 guns from WAGNER fluidized hopper or up to 20 guns directly from the box


Small Footprint

  • The most compact powder center on the market. Fits into almost any installation with a footprint of only 1.24 m2

No additional Space Requirements

  • Includes rack for up to 11 EPG S2 modules/22 guns

Plug and Coat Solution

  • Internal control components for application and movers are installed and pre-wired for faster installation

PXE Powder Center

Choice of Powder Collection

  • Depending on customer requirements the PXE can be connected directly to the final filter or equipped with it’s own filter module

PXE 1.png
PXE 2.png

The WAGNER PXE powder application system provides complete management and control of all powder equipment components from one central location: powder feeding, moving devices, application process, spray booth and powder recovery.

Easy Operation

  • Optimum arrangement of all WAGNER components​

Top quality coating results

  • Powder Supply

  • Direct Feeding from the powder box

  • Suction tube scrubbers for faster color changes

  • Optimal powder preparation through integrated fluidization and vibration

  • Powder center is kept clean due to the special box cover

Excellent and consistent coating results with All-in-one Touchscreen Display:

  • Easy and intuitive system control via 7” touchscreen display

  • Intuitive structure of the user interface allows fast system setup even by inexperienced users

  • Simple management of application moving devices and the rest of the system

  • Reproducible coating results due to the integrated recipe control

Technical Data of WAGNER PXE Powder Center

PXE Spec Eng.png

Link of Technical Data for related accessories with PXE


EPG S2 Control Unit

PIC_EQU_ProfiTechM - 005.jpg

Powder Application Controlling System


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