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PXM Powder Center


PXM Powder Center

The WAGNER PXM powder center is individually configurable for highly diverse applications. They form the core of an automatic powder coating system. Through their flexibility, the WAGNER PXM powder center fulfills very different requirements and tasks for excellent coating result.



  • Select between manual or automatic fresh powder supply

  • Continous delivery to the guns and fast color change

  • Compact modular central cabinet with intuitive ergonomically located touch screens.

  • Intuitive operation via the color touchscreen ensures repeatability in all coating tasks.

High-Performance Capacity


  • Up to 22 injectors convey the powder from the fluid tank. 34 injectors are optionally possible. Delivery directly from the box is possible with up to 20 injectors.

Powder Level Check


  • Manual or automatic regulation of the powder level. The check takes place in two levels via a warming level and a minimum level.

Reliable color change


  • Fast menu-controlled color change. Short change times through the blowing out and automatic wiping of the suction tubes.

A clean result

  • The high coating quality is ensured through a clean work area. Dust leakage out of the box or fluid tanks is minimized through covers.

Independent and flexible


  • The PXM remains independent due to the integrated filter suction module. It can be flexibly integrated into the system. Alternatively, it can be coupled to a post-filter/dust collector unit.

Example of Accessories for PXM Powder Center


Powder Injector


Ultrasonic Seive Technology

Injector set PI-F1 or HiCoat-ED

  • Both are possible: Universal-fit injectors PI-F1 or for a maximum application effect, the high-performance HiCoat-ED injector.

Fluidizing unit for box

  • The powder supply for the guns can be conducted directly from the powder box using the fluidzing system in order to save time.

Integrated vibrating table

  • The vibrating table ensures optimum preparation and good delivery of the powder from the box or container. Helps in feeding powder with difficult fluid properties.

Fresh Powder Supply with IP5000

  • The automatic fresh powder supply permits interruption-free operation.

Integrated Ultrasonic Screen

  • Maximum coating quality is achieved through an integrated ultrasonic screen with high screen performance and high debris removal.


Container Cover


  • A Specially-developed container lid for the fluid tank minimizes dust. leakage. Powder can simply be manually refilled via the flap.


Vibrating Table for box or container feeding

Technical Data of WAGNER PXM Powder Center

PXM Spec Eng.png

Link of Technical Data for related accessories with PXM


EPG S2 Control Unit

PIC_EQU_ProfiTechM - 005.jpg

Powder Application Controlling System


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