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PXS Powder Center


The WAGNER PXS powder centers are the benchmark for top coating quality with high-performance components efficiently integrated into a floor space-saving footprint. The PXS comes as either a stand-alone powder center for retrofits or as an integrated control system for all system components including application equipment, moving devices, booth and powder dust collector.



  • User-friendly operation

  • All controls in one single cabinet

  • Intuitive color touch screen display with equipment icons for simplified operation and programming

  • Automatic optimization function that sets new standards in color changing-resulting in increased efficiency and less powder usage

  • Modular design can be configured for either single or multicolor operation

PXS Powder Center

The Feature of PXS Powder Center

PXS 2.png

High Precision Feeding and Reproducibility


  • Precise EPG S2 control units with AFC (Air Flow Control) closed-loop technology


Optimal Powder Conditioning for excellent coating results


  • Short powder feed path design

  • Powder Container is both fluidized and vibrated automatically

  • Powder container is completely enclosed

  • Constant negative-pressure airflow within powder enclosure ensures powder containment during normal routine maintenance of venturi and sieve and is automatically increased during color cycle change


Powder Consumption MEasurement and Documentation


  • Integrated load cell

  • USB port or ethernet connection for data download


PXS 1.png

Easy operation and reproducible color change


  • On-screen operator step-by-step guidance


Top-quality coating results


  • Optimal ultrasonic screen with "cool sieve" technology


High equipment uptime via long-lasting components and simplified servicing


  • High-performance powder injector has quick-release feature that allows replacement of collector nozzles in less than 5 seconds

  • Integrated service plan ensures consistent, reproducible coating results


Technical Data of PXS Powder Center

PXS Spec Eng.png

Link of Technical Data for related accessories with PXS


EPG S2 Control Unit

PIC_EQU_ProfiTechM - 005.jpg

Powder Application Controlling System


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