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Reason for choosing a Selleys S21

With performance and after sales service which can be trusted.

The reason why Selleys S21 can build a trust for contractor without issue.

1. It is created and designed under the co-ordinate between paint manufacturer and specialist from spray equipment business.


The Selleys product is built and developed from Nippon Paint which is the famous brand of paint manufacturer and Selleys is the brand which is the part of Nippon Paint network so the application performance can be trusted. It is tested and proved by paint manufacturer already.

2. It is suitable product for price and performance.

Selleys spraying unit is sold by reasonable price and every contractor can buy it. Even this spray pack is not a cheapest price in market but if we compare with performance, simply service maintenance process and be part of Nippon Paint brand which guarantee the good performance. Therefore, the price is suitable and more reasonable but we guarantee that customer will be provided the good after sales service.

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3. Building the trustworthy for Thai Contractor

ROM Intertrade is the distributor of spray equipment from Germany Japan and USA for 30 years. We decide to bring Selleys as the new spray equipment product with confidence after test the spraying performance, the service maintenance process and clearly user manual. Once combine with our experience that it can be applicable with Selleys product and also be supported by Nippon Paint. Therefore both Seller and Buyer are confidence when use this product.

Main feature of Selleys S21 which enhance full spraying performance.

Whatever the size of your spraying project or the surface environment of your working site, Selleys spraying device can apply the spraying work for those of working size. You can trust a Selley spraying device with confidence for providing the best surface coating solution with flawless finish and exceptional performance.


Faster and More Efficient

Spray application allows for much quicker coverage compared to brush painting. With a high pressure spray gun in Selleys spray pack can handle the large working size and spend the working time less than brush painting.


Working smoothly and even finish

Spray painting provide a smooth and even finish, free from brush strokes or texture. The fine mist of paint particles created by a spray gun ensures uniform coverage, resulting in a great looking surface. It is especially beneficial for achieving a flawless appearance on smooth surfaces like walls, furniture, or automotive finishes.


Versatility and Adaptability

Spraying equipment offers versatility and adaptability to various projects and materials. It allows you to apply paint evenly on various surfaces, including intricate details, corners, and hard to reach areas. In addition, spraying equipment can be used with a wide range of paints, including lacquers, enamels, varnishes, and stains, making it suitable for divers applications.

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